Gen Con Promos

June 11th, 2024

Secret Lair Showdown Featuring Legacy Constructed

Every participant scores a special version of Spell Pierce, featuring the art of Michael Koehler, just for playing in a qualifier event.

Players who compete in Sunday’s Secret Lair Showdown Championship event get a special prize card version of Murktide Regent featuring the art of Rowynn Ellis.

Finally, there can only be one winner at the end of the weekend. And that player will head home with an elusive and beautiful variation of Dark Ritual featuring the artwork of Wizard of Barge.

Gen Con will have a brand-new Secret Lair promo featuring the art of manga and graphic novel artist Toru Terada. Gen Con attendees can get their hands on a copy of this traditional foil promo card by doing one of the following:

Playing in a Magic event at Gen Con that costs $40 or more
Purchasing a Secret Lair drop at the Hasbro Pulse booth E501


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