March of the Machine Jumpstart Boosters

March 29th, 2023

March of the Machine Jumpstart Boosters

March of the Machine Jumpstart Boosters contain:

1 Non-foil designed-for-Jumpstart rare specific for the theme
1 Non-foil rare or mythic rare from March of the Machine that’s colorless or is the color of the theme
A total of 10 non-foil common and uncommon cards
Includes one non-foil designed-for-Jumpstart common specific to the theme
Includes one non-foil designed-for-Jumpstart uncommon specific to the theme
6 Non-foil basic lands
Includes 1 non-foil full-art basic land
2 Traditional foil basic lands
Each theme comes in two versions, but both will contain the same three designed-for-Jumpstart cards specific to the theme.

Brood (White)

Essence of OrthodoxySeedpod CaretakerPhyrexian Pegasus

Overachiever (Blue)

Interdisciplinary MascotReferee-Squad---March-of-the-Machine-SpoilerZephyr-Winder---March-of-the-Machine-Spoiler

Expendable (Black)

Terror of TowashiSeer of Stolen SightInjector Crocodile

Reinforcement (Red)

Orthion, Hero of LavabrinkAxgard ArtisanCragsmasher Yeti

Buff (Green)

Surrak and GoreclawRuins RecluseFairgrounds Trumpeter

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