Murders at Karlov Manor Promos

January 16th, 2024

New & Notable:

Retro Frame Arcane Signet, Commander’s Sphere, and Chaos Warp – for Play Booster Draft events during Murders at Karlov Manor season
Lavinia, Foil to Conspiracy – Ravnica: Clue Edition Launch Party promo
Foil, Full-Art Omenpath basic lands – for your weekly Standard Showdown top performers (to be provided to the winner of Standard Showdown events; for stores with more than 1 promo allocated per week, you may distribute them to additional Standard Showdown participants at your discretion.)
Dragon’s Servant – for participants at the Standard Showdown Lunar New Year Kickoff event*
Sarkhan Unbroken – for the winner of the Standard Showdown Lunar New Year Kickoff event*

Promotional Items – Events

Underworld Connections – for Open House participation (give a second copy of this promo to players who bring a friend and the new friend) 
Repeat Play Lapel Pins – to reward players who attend two or more Prerelease events at your store
30th Anniversary promos – to reward Prerelease attendees, winners, or early registrants, and are the following:

Dovin’s Veto
Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose
Deadly Dispute
Urza, Prince of Kroog (low print quantity)

Mortify – Store Championship participation promo 
Angel of Despair – Store Championship Top 8 promo 
Full-Art Dauthi Voidwalker – Store Championship Winner promo 
Rogue’s Passage – Commander Party participation promo (arrives in foil for WPN Premium stores) 
Commander Party Event Cards – to support Commander Party play 

Promotional Items – Seasonal

Marketing Poster – to be hung prominently in-store 
Sticker Sheets – for Murders at Karlov Manor Prerelease, Open House, or other Magic: The Gathering sanctioned event participation 
Cultivate – Bring-a-Friend promo, to reward a new player and the friend who brought them in-store
Wojek Investigator – Buy-a-Box promo, to be passed out with in-store purchases of full displays of Play or Collector Boosters
Promo Packs – in both foil and nonfoil, to support events for Murders at Karlov Manor season** 

*(WPN stores in the Asia-Pacific region have a different distribution for these promos; please reference the full announcement article for details.)
**Due to a logistical error, you will receive one week’s worth of promo packs fewer for the Murders at Karlov Manor season, and one week’s worth of promo packs more for the Outlaws of Thunder Junction season.

Prerelease (February 2 – 8, 2024)

Murders at Karlov Manor Promo 1Murders at Karlov Manor Promo 2Murders at Karlov Manor Promo 3Murders at Karlov Manor Promo 4

Each Prerelease Pack will also contain one of three promos in addition to the traditional foil, year-stamped promo card. These additional traditional foil promos are Standard-legal but cannot be included in players’ Sealed deck during the event. Players can still use their year-stamped promo in their Prerelease Sealed deck.

The additional Prerelease promo card may be any one of the following:

Standard Showdown (February 10 – March 31, 2024)

To help your Standard Showdown events hit the ground running, you’ll receive two Year of the Dragon promos: Sarkhan Unbroken and Dragon’s Servant. Provide Dragon’s Servant to participants at the event, and Sarkhan Unbroken to the winner for the Standard Showdown event you schedule between February 10 – 18. Stores in the Asia-Pacific region will have different distribution for these promos.

For the rest of the season, you’ll provide your top performers at Standard Showdown with Omenpath Basic Lands. The Omenpath Basic Lands will be full-art, traditional foil cards that showcase how some of our heroes have been traversing the planes of the Multiverse.

MKM Store Championships — Mortify (Participation), Angel of Despair (Top 8), Textless Dauthi Voidwalker (Winner)

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