New MTG Art from M13 and Return to Ravnica

June 4th, 2012

This year, Wizards is introducing five new characters to Magic, each one based on a basic fantasy archetype. There’s Talrand, a merfolk who controls flying drakes; Nefarox, an angry demon; Krenko, a goblin who runs a gang of street-thugs; Odric, a holy warrior who fights against the undead; and Yeva, an elf with a strong bond with nature.

A few of these characters call the plane of Ravnica home, which ties in to the next new set that Wizards will release, coming in October of 2012. That set will feature the long-awaited return to the giant magical world-city of Ravnica.

Krenko Art - M13 - Ravnica 4

Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis - M13 Art

New MTG Art - M13 - Ravnica 2

New MTG Art - M13 - Ravnica 3

New MTG Art - M13 - Ravnica 5

New MTG Art - M13 - Ravnica 7

Odric - M13 - Ravnica

Servant of Nefarox - M13 Art

Talrand, Sky Summoner - M13 Art

Yeva MTG Art - M13 - Ravnica 6

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