Secret Lair: League of Legends Arcane

November 17th, 2021

1x Path to Exile 
1x Rhystic Study as “Unstable Harmonics” 
1x Duress 
1x Seize the Day as “Round Two” 
1x Krosan Grip as “Denting Blows” 
1x Counterflux 
1x Thran Dynamo as “The Hexcore” 

There will be two time-limited drops on sale between November 29-December 23. They will be available in both non-foil for $29.99 and foil for $39.99.

Secret Lair x Arcane: Lands


1x Plains 
1x Island 
1x Swamp 
1x Mountain 
1x Forest 

$29.99 Regular – $39.99 Foil

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