Year of the Dragon Promos

December 18th, 2023

Standard Showdown events Promos – February 9–18

Sarkhan Unbroken PromoDragonlord's Servant Promo

APAC League 2024

Updated for a new year, the APAC League is a year-long series of events featuring the Standard format, a championship playoff, and beautiful Year of the Dragon promo cards for players. Through Lunar New Year Celebration events running until March 31, both promo cards above as well as a 4/4 Dragon creature token are available for players.

4 4 Dragon Token Promo

Then, across four qualifying seasons at participating stores, additional Standard events and Year of the Dragon promos can be acquired.

Qualifier Season 1 (Standard) with Outlaws of Thunder Junction—Promo: Steel Hellkite
Qualifier Season 2 (Modern, Standard, Draft, or Sealed) with Modern Horizons 3—Promo: Full-Art Mountain
Qualifier Season 3 (Standard) with Bloomburrow—Promo: Korvold, Fae-Cursed King
Qualifier Season 4 (Standard) with Duskmourn: House of Horror—Promo: Dragon Tempest

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