• artificer682

    First card looks cool. but what the heck is this set

    • renfield286

      it’s a set to fit into the “summer alternative way to play” slot.

  • Lazav

    “Will of the Council” sounds like the Orzhov guild so it might mean something with Ravnica. But isn’t Return to Innistrad the next block to come?

    • Christopher Davis


    • CodyGozRawr

      What? Innistrad JUST left standard, like when Theros came out. If they do another return set, it will probably be return to Kamigawa or Alara, which i think is kinda hinted at with Hero’s Podium, which involves legendary creatures, which was pretty big in the Kamigawa block. A return to Innistrad set is at LEAST a few years away, if ever.

      • TheEyeless

        Actually i believe we’re setting up to go back to zendikar, kiora looking for help with eldrazi and whatnot.

        • CodyGozRawr

          Well either way, it’s far from going back to innistrad

  • Da faq? Is this a new Un set?

    • John Lawrence Ocampo

      that’s also what i think

    • MagicGALAXY

      Same; I hope it is. It’s been a while since Unhinged :(

      • TheEyeless

        I dunno, seems kinda serious to me, we play 3v3 or free for all at lunch… i like it.

      • renfield286

        Black border = Not unset

    • jsn

      can’t be un-set given the black border…

      • Well it won’t be standard legal. . .

        • renfield286

          neither was modern masters, planeschase, Commander or Archenemy. What is your point?

          • In my area people mostly play standard. Those who play the other format’s mostly netdeck.

          • renfield286

            In my experience most FNMs are standard, & the most competitive players at those netdeck. but there are still plenty of people who play the other formats too.

          • We have people that Net deck for standard but they are few in number compared to the number of homebrew players.

  • Christopher Davis

    EDH = Commander / Cube = ???

    • Christopher Davis

      Long story short; wizards is capitalizing on yet another fan made format made to avoid the competitive mainstream meta, just like they did with EDH…

      • Christopher Davis

        …and this is really pushing the conspiracy part, but if you look at the set symbol its the shadowed veiew of a cube from an angle, the circle representing a draft, and the flag/base underneath could mean anything…

        • Benjamin Glaubinger

          Huh,I thought it looked vaguely tower-like, so I assumed it was another upcoming Commander product, but that breakdown also makes some sense.

        • CodyGozRawr

          The shape under the circle is hexagonal, so maybe it represents a table where 6 or so people will play a free for all?

          • Necrachilles

            Table theory makes the most sense

  • TheRealLemon94

    I have a feeling it basically is just a multiplayer cube. Wizards would be stupid to not cash in on the format, as its climbing popularity has huge business opportunities. Basically this is just going to be, hey, here is our take on the format, and we’re going to add a “x” factor to make it a “wizards” product.

  • thatoneguy

    The fullart lands are strong with this one…..

    • Zombie

      Honestly, I have major doubts about this set having basic lands in the packs at all.

      Modern Masters was a set that was intended to be drafted (aside from throwing more copies of Modern cards into the mix and not fixing prices whatsoever), and that didn’t have any basic lands at all.

      If a set intended for Drafting didn’t have basic lands, what reason would WOTC have to put basic lands in a set DESIGNED for Drafting?

      • ben

        Modern Masters not fixing prices? demand for modern cards is increasing faster then supply increased. Feel free to be upset about the cards you didn’t get, but don’t blame wizards for their avoidance in crashing the market

      • Shadow921

        actualy modern masters wasnt meant to fix any prices. it was a test to see if they could make some formats easier to access without severely impacting the secondary market

  • MagicGALAXY

    The Parody Set is strong with this one. . .

    • renfield286

      Black border.

      • MagicGALAXY

        I get it. I figured that out. I was just speculating at that time.

  • That Guy

    It says it’s designed for multi-player and is meant to be drafted. Does that mean that after i draft it we have to play in 4-way games instead of 1v1 or something like that? That would be really weird and doesn’t seem like a good idea for limited.

    • renfield286

      multiplayer games are a lot of fun, and for a set that is essentially cubing makes quite a bit of sense.

  • CodyGozRawr

    Yay a free for all designed set, hopefully will have a lot of shenanigans!

  • Matt Stone

    This is going to be so epic.

  • sphinxy246

    maybe we can get a dack or a new venser here. seing how wizards can’t print dack because of creative interests and venser being you know a set with no story is the perfect place to drop either. also i might gettng hopes to high but would love to see tri-colored walkers like sarhkan or ramaz.

    • Aejan

      Venser died.

      • Bagronk

        my heart broke as his teleported

      • sphinxy246

        was trying to avoid saying spoilers dude :(

  • Chi Sarades

    hmmm this seems like a whole new form of unhinge cards

    • renfield286

      black border, so no. these will be playable in sanctioned events. (just not standard)

  • Wilmer Claessens

    This is gonna be sweet :D

  • Nickki11216

    My god. Cogwork Librarian is goin into my cube!

    • renfield286

      there will be others to join it i think.

  • thegigibeast

    I hope there will be a lot of usefull cards for EDH (the angle there Magister of Worth looks pretty good, can be good with a lot of allies on the table in EDH)

  • From Wizard’s announcement: “Returning favorites from throughout Magic’s history round out the set and cultivate an environment of deception and treachery”

    I’m hoping for a Wasteland and/or Force of Will reprint. This set isn’t part of Standard so it’s possible they might squeeze in some Modern and Legacy cards to improve availability. Although people might go ape-shit trying to get packs; like they did for Modern Masters.

    • renfield286

      Both are on the reserved list, no reprint for those.

      • I kind of doubt it too, but why not? I can hope. It’s not really that awesome of a card in limited. If they want to support Legacy they should IMO.

        • renfield286

          never know, they might do another masters run of some description.

          • s82873326

            modern masters 2 was already announced

          • Ashengrave

            link or I don’t believe you. I have heard of Vintage Masters for MTGO but that is something completely different.

    • Andrew

      They can’t reprint those cards they are on the reserve list and will never i repeat NEVER be printed again

  • Dr. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow approves conspiracy. Very conspire. Such treachery. So betrayal. Wow.

    • MagicGALAXY

      My master has show his face once again!

      • Dr. Storm Crow

        Woah there sport, let’s not get crazy now.

        • MagicGALAXY

          Sorry xD couldn’t resist.

          • very sorry much resist

          • MagicGALAXY

            so couldn’t wow

          • Sad much very

          • MagicGALAXY

            Sad, you are. Happiness, you must find HHHMMMMM.

          • Dr. Storm Crow

            Such yoda. So impression. Very do. No try. Wow.

          • MagicGALAXY

            Much storm. So crow. Such power. Wow.

          • Dr. Storm Crow

            Much crow. Very storm. Such doctor. Wow.

          • Caw?!

          • Dr. Storm Crow

            Triple Caw for you.

        • Usrawrs

          Where is mai MAN-CROW?!

          • Dr. Storm Crow


          • Usrawrs


          • Dr. Storm Crow

            I was needed elsewhere. Where did Grizzly Bears go?

    • akakj7

      storm crow?!

      • Dr. Storm Crow

        That’s Dr. Storm Crow to you, sir.

    • Just what the Doctor ordered!

  • Josh Kaufman

    Obviously there will be a lot of storm crow’s in this set. Maybe one in each color?

    But the reason this is a bad idea is for 1 sole reason. Multiplayer games have 2 fallacies IRL.

    1) They take a long time. I don’t want a match without a time limit of 50 minutes. I like getting home early, and this will be weird with prize payouts.
    2) People with friends at the store have an inherent advantage over people who might be new or people who are new to a store.

    • Dr. Storm Crow

      All cards are secretly storm crows. They just don’t know it yet.

    • The Zach Person

      This is intended to be drafted with either six or eight people, and splitting into two even pods from there. Won’t be TOO bad, time-wise.

  • dinner


    • Damian

      When and Where?

    • Jason Martinez

      confirmed by whom ??

      • dinner

        on this site! do you not see it??

        • RomriDade

          Source please

          • dinner

            on this page! refresh it!

  • Josh Kaufman

    Is Cogwork Librarian a P1P1 regardless of what is in the pack?

    • Tristin Wolf Jones-Green

      No, your first priority is always to further your deck with cards that are playable individually. Drafting pseudo enablers and risking choices on tables comes second which is the category I would put this in ahead of hate drafting. So basically if there is nothing outstanding in the pack you start weighing options with your picks like normal just with a different dynamic in this case.

  • michael

    I can see the set symbol clearly behind the angel text but what do you make of the symbol behind the construct text?

    • The Zach Person

      Oooh good. I didn’t notice it was different.

  • Shadow921

    they have to find a balance so that they dont make half the community just stop buying product because they just spent hundreds then all of a sudden those cards drop drastically in price while also expanding the market. so as much as you might think that wizards doesnt care about the secondary market the actually have to pay some amount of attention to it.

  • Dogmorfemoci

    It looks like a wax seal with some houses insignia

  • It has been confirmed, officially, that “due to popular demand”, green cards will be returning in conspiracy.

    • notop


  • Chi Sarades

    this set is outside of the story of magic, so why not print out cards about characters from the old magic story. example urza as a planeswalker or any other character from other sets like vanguard.

    • The Zach Person

      Anything ever in black border follows the rules of Magic, which, in the creative sense, means dead is dead. All the pre-mending characters are dead (exception of Bolas), Urza being very explicitly dead.

  • EsperLeague

    This is a set that will focus on Multiplayer, if I’m informed right.
    It will also have full-art lands and snap lands (if I’m informed right)
    Anyway, I’m buying a booster box!

    • SmackJack

      Im not sure we will se full art lands in Conspiracy. Modern Masters was designed to be drafted and had no basic lands. Conspiracy is not only designed to be good to draft, its meant to be drafted. If there was reason enough not to include basic lands in MM, there is more reasons not to include them here. :(

      • Josh Kaufman

        But there is never a reason not to include Storm Crows. Maybe full art Storm Crows instead of full art lands. I think we will all take that trade off.

        • guest

          yes i would buy thousands of packs for full art storm crows

      • TheDude

        The comparison is flawed in that Modern Masters was centered around reprinting cards from specific sets which did not include Zendikar or Unhinged. So they were under no obligation to include full art lands especially after they already had designed them to include foil cards instead of basic lands in every pack. Conspiracy is a whole different monster since it has no such limitations on it’s key points. So there is absolutely no reason they could not print full art lands in this set to make it even more coveted and fulfill a demand Wizards is quite aware of. That being said, we have very little in-depth information about the set other than the main points they wanted to touch upon (Multiplayer Drafting, Draft-centric, Multiplayer mechanics, and experimenting further with summer sets). It could be argued that Wizards has turned summer sets into a way to address demands in the community and that would make full art lands even more likely.

        • The Zach Person

          Full-art lands are also printed when the set needs a little extra. Unhinged and Unglued got them because too many people wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t there. Zendikar has just started NWO, so things got toned down. Also, it was a land block. Both of these factors, along with skepticism in R&D, made them decide to add the extra push. By these guidelines, Conspiracy might just have the full lands, because they might think it needs the extra push. I wouldn’t bet on it, but it’s possible. Keep in mind they want to keep full art lands a special thing and will rarely print them.

  • guest

    i see this as being an un set without calling it an un set and best of all it comes out on my birthday