Azor's Elocutors - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Azor’s Elocutors

  • Color: Blue, White
  • Type: Creature - Advisor, Human
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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At the beginning of your upkeep, put a filibuster counter on Azor’s Elocutors. Then if Azor’s Elocutors has five or more filibuster counters on it, you win the game.

Whenever a source deals damage to you, remove a filibuster counter from Azor’s Elocutors.



  • Wefsavgw

    mmmm thumming bird steady progress viral drake etc

  • I was reading the card and I said, “HA! Filibuster counters, that is flippin’ awesome!” Then I got to the win condition and crapped my pants. Sphincter control is lacking in the face of epic. This should have been printed on Droning Bureaucrats.

    • Cloudenvy

       I saw “filibuster counters” and literally laughed out loud…then I was sad. Good thing I’m playing Rakdos <3

  • Kenneth Mebus

    Well, I guess if Golgari has Vraska, Azorius gets this?  Not too shabby Wizards, I like it. Makes me almost want to play Azorius over Selesnya now.

  • Mlundgoldstein

    I like it it’ll make a good Azorious win con but it’ll make a bigger impact in modern and legacy though because proliferate

  • That Guy

    Thank you Wizards for waiting until proliferate was out of standard to print something like this. 

    • AnonymousPlayer

      Agreed to that.

  • Dv1L

    Shit’s gonna get f*cked up when it hits the floor.

  • Highlander

    so glad it split mana.
    Filibuster sounds like fun but wee bit too political.
    only five but they can be removed easily so sounds fun.

  • i see no way that this card is GOOD
    Fun yes…
    I will probably also lose a draft game or two to it, and will probably win some games with it.
    The worst part is that it only cares about damage to YOU, not to it. So three creatures hit you and it gets set back three turns.
    Proliferate will not help this be playable in older formats (no decks run proliferate now, and there’s better things already there to proliferate
    This is Turbo-Fog’s best friend, and nothing else.

    • Labmice

       Ya, but if you pair it with the Palisade giant that takes damage dealt to you and absorbs it, this could be a sweet card

  • Busterswrd_maniac

    turbo fog deck with this anyone?

  • Firestorm75

    Curse of the Pierced Heart for the win :)

  • FuntimeManchop

    There’s no fun winning this way. For me at least.

    • craig pelton

      lol i think winning with “you win the game” cards is hilarious and twice as rewarding

  • Jason

    I’d Clockspinning the hell out of this one.

  • Benjamin Wakefield

    Fillibuster counters, that’s all I can say

  • Waven

    Proliferate anyone?