Deadbridge Goliath - Return to Ravnica Spoilers

Deadbridge Goliath

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Scavenge 4 ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana (4 ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana, Exile this card from your graveyard: Put X +1/+1 counters on target creature, where X is this card’s power. Scavenge only as a Sorcery.)

  • blueisoverrated

    oh hell. selesnya is looking better and better. if populate really is whites new mechanic. then you put this guy out. make a token of him. he goes to the graveyard. scavenge for 5 +1/+1 counters making your token a 10/10. populate with white. you can now bring 20 damage at your opponent.

    • guest

      the +1/+1 counters do not come into play on your token

    • Lunias

      “Populate” says “Put a token that is a copy of target TOKEN creature you control into play”, not “Put a token that is a copy of target creature you control into play”. Note that it only copies tokens, not actual creatures.

      • blueisoverrated

        i said MAKE A TOKEN OF HIM not populate on him. no doubt there will be cards to copy other cards and make them tokens.

        • Lunias

          The only card I know of that makes a token copy of a card is Splinter Twin, and the copy leaves play at the end of the turn. Plus, the copy of the token would only be a 5/5, since counters aren’t copied.

          • blueisoverrated

            fair enough. ok then. how about moonsilver spear. plus populate and scavenge?

          • Ellogeyen

             What about Seance and Crackling Counterpart?
            Both make a token and are legal in T2

          • LordSever

             What about mirrorworks?

          • Lunias

            That’s just mean.

          • Mykels56

            Geist of Saint Traft.

          • Kodama_of_the_north_tree_64

             but token copies dont go to the graveyard? either im not catching what you are saying people or your not making any sense. and the mechanics are per guild not per color.

          • Mdeck86

             Tokens definitely go to the grave yard.  That is how the entire “Devour” mechanic was built.

          • phyrexiantrygon

            They go to the graveyard and are immediately removed. giving you no time to activate the “scavenge” ability.

  • Asdf

    4 mana 5/5 ???
    Holy powercreep batman

    • blueisoverrated

      and thats why hes a rare.

      • Delver obv

        we have 3 mana 6 power dudes… nbd

        • Kokono

           please show me 1 with no drawback

        • Kokono

          Yeah I did some research there were 4 Creature with 3 CMC and 6 Power and the most notable is Ball Lightning so no we DO NOT have a creature that stays in play with 4 CMC and as a 5/5 with a positive effect.

  • Nunzioni

    I might be wrong here, but im going to put it out there that i think the text under the card was misprinted, and when the card gets less fuzzy, we will see that this is not actually what the card says. It will probably turn out to be 5 mana, but it could just be that it is not a 5/5, or its a mythic rare. I just don’t think wizards would make a 4 mana 5/5 with a useful positive ability unless it is a mythic or really color intensive.

  • Deathdonut

    Looks like a 4/6 to me.