Search the City - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Search the City

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When Search the City enters the battlefield, exile the top five cards of your library.

Whenever you play a card with the same name as one of the exiled cards, you may put of those cards with that name into its owner’s hand. Then if there are no cards exiled with Search the City, sacrifice it. If you do, take an extra turn after this one.

  • Minhtri13

    Interesting extra turn

  • Butteryraven

    Eh, for 5 mana I dont think this will be all that good.

  • Mlundgoldstein

     Interesting a little too much mana for standard but would be fun

  • Church

    Temporal Mastery still remains the favorite.

  • indes

    Watch this card just exile your deck’s side boarded one-of. 

  • Jason

    A part of me will die every time I open one in my booster box.

  • Jim

    Good for EDH

  • I’ll put this in a ravenous rats deck

  • トム ジェンセン

    Torpor Orb?

  • Stan Lee

    It would be terrible, but a mono blue deck with draw, islands and this.

  • Waven

    And then, it exile 5 land, and you laugh all the way to extra turn world :3