Slaughter Games - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Slaughter Games

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Slaughter Games can’t be countered by spells or abilities.

Name a nonland card. Search target opponent’s graveyard, hand, and library for any number of cards with that name and exile them. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

  • Kenneth Mebus

    Memoricide lives! And now it can’t be countered! Nice.

  • Ethral

     Memoricide just got a upgrade. 

  • Santo

    WTF? a multicolor memoricide. still a sideboard card at best.

    • Blackatonement

      No, this is actually playable where as memoricide was a sideboard card at best…

      • Ethral

        I don’t think so memoricide was very playable with such cards as psychic surgery/life’s final but, now without that type of advantage I don’t think this card will have such decks build around it.

  • Mrfr1day

     WOW! REALLY!!? I wanted to stay with my Selensya, then i saw all the Izzet cards, then Golgari and now… I guess I guess Rakdos will be my guild now.

  • Mlundgoldstein

    cool Nevermore got upgraded

  • Mlundgoldstein

    Grixis, Why not espcially with snapcaster still in standard?

  • Chomby0886

    surgical extraction v 2.0…more expensive but the card doesnt even have to be drawn or played yet to start doin this damage…lovely

  • Princecaspianxderp

    This can easily come out on turn 2 with infernal plunge. Though, truthfully, if I was going to rush in some kind of discard strategy, I’d rather ramp into Rakdos’ Return and use Tormod’s Crypt or Grafdigger’s Cage for graveyard hate. But hey, why not have both just to be safe?

  • FuntimeManchop

    Why is this called Slaughter Games? where are the games? where’s the slaughter? how is this red? why would Rakdos do something so precise and subtle? why is the art so damn cool?

    • Lorescale

      Because everything is a game to Rakdos, especially poking in the brains of pesky blue mages.
      Red is precise (lightning), Black is subtle (disease). Also, Rakdos =/= Gruul.
      Rakdos is awesome and my choice for the prerelease.

      • FuntimeManchop

        I meant why is it called slaughter games when it’s about exiling cards from your deck. I don’t see any slaughter or games. This doesn’t seem like a very Rakdos thing to do. It tastes like Dimir.

        • Jaken

          its called slaughter games because it “slaughters” combos or decks built around one card before they even hit the board (most of the time) and games because if you take out cards from your opponent your controlling them or rigging the “game:

  • Noihavent

    Well my issue with thought hemmorhagge was always the counter-magic… 4 plox.

  • That One Guy

    Well I can see myself running about four of these with Reverberate. Just to be a douche towards people with decks that I am familiar with. Like this one guy who runs reanimator with some sick fatties. But in normal FNM stuff, Probably like about two with the three reverbs, just to keep a good handle on it.

  • Jim

    I think this is sad. There’s 3 types of players, Johnny, Spike and Timmy. This effectively renders any Johnny combo deck worthless if they manage to get it out before your combo. That’s like a whole third of magic players getting the FU from Wizards. At least with Memoricide you could sideboard in some counter magic against it.

    A potential turn 4 you just lose the game. Most combo decks don’t go off by turn 4 unless they are Vintage.

    I can see decks being less Creative Johnny and more purely Spike which takes away some of the allure of magic making it just like any other game out there, beat’em up rather than winning with style.

    • Richard

       you’ll just have to think of more creative ways to combo :P

  • Stan Lee

    “Bonfire of the damned” or “entreat the angels”
    I think this complements Avacyn restored very well ^^

  • Buttery Raven

    Anyone else notice the ceiling is the Rakdos Signet.