Tablet of the Guilds - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Tablet of the Guilds

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As Tablet of the Guilds enters the battlefield, choose two colors.

Whenever you cast a spell, if it’s at least one of the chosen colors, you gain 1 life for each of the chosen colors it is.

  • Tim

    A much needed boost to the old 1 life artifact chain, not bad by any means.

    • Heitor

      This card give us tempo for the big spells. Selesnyans thanks!

  • Joseph


  • Kevd101

    i like it

  • Mnich

    This art could have been used for something better, the artifact will good only in selesnya and azorious eventually rakdos to make up the can’t block ability

  • Richard

     bad uncommons are bad

    • Guest

       What part of this card is bad?

      • Beto

        “whenever YOU cast a spell”, so you won’t gain life for your adversary on a mirror-color match, which the other artifacts did… Tho they are all bad, in my opinion. There is way better stuff to put on… unless it is a draft …

        • craig pelton

          let me just say…2 mana for a gain 2 life every single time you cast a card…if it was “player” instead of “you” it would have to be rare…maybe it doesnt fit the perfect tournament deck, but for the average person not spending a thousand dollars on a deck, very good uncommon 

    • craig pelton

      as far as uncommons go this is solid….they cant all be insane..this is nice, not great, but for any non-rare card, nice. especially for an addition that will feature 2 colored decks

  • Maxevans2000

    such sweet art

  • Guy

    You think the Dimir would pay even more money than Azorius to remain off the monument.

    • Tim

       I was thinking Orzhov more than Dimir or Azorius.

      • Guy

        I said “off” not “on.”

  • Steve

    quite bad to be honest, fun card but not worth it

  • Kenneth Mebus

    Everyday I’m… gaining life? 

  • Guest

    Would be better as a Legendary 3(or 4)-colorless that says “a player” instead of “you”