Worldspine Wurm - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Worldspine Wurm

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When Worldspine Wurm dies put, three 5/5 green Wurm creature tokens with trample onto the battlefield.

When Worldspine Wurm is put into a graveyard from anywhere, shuffle it into its owner’s library.

  • PrimordialClensing

    grossly AWESOME 

  • Zoroaster007

    Re-animator’s new toy?

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Can’t it shuffle’s into library. But still total badassery.

  • nameless

    yo dawg i heard you like worms, so i put a worm in your worm’s worm.


    the jokes go on forever. course i won’t be laughing when this guy gets played

  • Mlundgoldstein

    I knew there had to be a Limited format reason for Axebane Gaurdian and now I know why.

  • Guest

    now how am I going to get enough mana to play this?

    • Blah-de-blah

      Dude … GREEN! You can sh*t out 11 mana in 4-5 turns. Or, here’s something better: Elvish Piper/Quicksilver Amulet!

  • Mlundgoldstein

    haha undying evil

    • Blah-de-blah

      Oh … oh god! I did NOT see that … oh god … hold on, I just overpower-gasmed myself.

  • Lenins1

    Hi I’m a 15/15 nice to meet you, and you are going to die now. Cant wait to see the 20/20 for 15 green mana. You know something like it will come out soon enough. 

  • Kenneth Mebus

    So far, I see him being a turn five at best with Standard.

    Turn 1- drop forest, play arbor elf
    Turn 2- drop forest, play dawntreader elk
    Turn 3- drop mountain, sac dawntreader elk, play boneyard wurm
    Turn 4- drop any land, play descendants path
    Turn 5- reveal to play this guy, drop any land, play fervor, swing for 15.

    Unless we get some sort of other crazy card, or I forgot/missed something, I don’t see him being played any sooner in that format.

    • Guest

      actually you could do it fourth turn 

      Turn 1: land arbor elf
      Turn 2: land three more arbor elves (ya i know how ridiculous that is)
      Turn 3: a pair of elvish arch druids
      turn 4: pray you top deck this

  • darthmidget

    elvish piper/quicksilver amulet…need i say more

  • noqxo

    actually he can be played turn 1.
    ancient tomb -> lotus petal -> show and tell

    • Justinjenkins93

      But then again, this isn’t Emrakul. So it’s not getting showed or told.

  • Chomby0886

    This thing is awesome! I can’t wait to see people tryna break this thing!

  • 10Fold

    .. I don’t like it. It’s got NO drawbacks whatsoever, like wizards are just saying “herp derp, let’s print undercosted mythics with a stupid effect so people will buy it”. Like, it’s worse than phyrexian obliterator, because I can see this getting played. (Also, exalted really needed a reason to splash green >.>)

    • Uhm. How is 11 undercosted? Other 11 cost cards – Ulamog, Darksteel Colossus, Pathrazor, even going WAY far back, Hypnox made your exiled your opponent’s hand and was an 8/8 body in BLACK. We’re talking about the color that is supposed to have massive creatures and this is the first one to be printed at 11. Even with the perfect hand, the soonest you’re going to cast this guy is like, turn 5 or 6. A good aggro deck will take that apart.

    • Anon

       How is 11 CMC “undercosted?”

      This guy would be Undercosted if he cost 7.

  • Cheesebox

    Golgari deck here I come!

  • Dassa

    discard worldspine wurm unburial rites

    • Blah-de-blah

      If he goes to your graveyard, you shuffle it in your library. Your argument is invalid.

      • Anon

         Hypersonic Dragon?

        • Robin Lortie-Lafontaine

          Nope, because Unburial Rites makes you take one creature card FROM YOUR GRAVEYARD to the field, even with Hypersonic Dragon, it wouldn’t work.

  • Magikarp_man

    T1 Forest, birds of paradise (2 mana)
    T2 Forest, Somberwald Sage (5 mana)
    T3 Forest, Somberwald Sage x2 (13 mana)
    T4 Forest, Birds of Paradise, Fervor (15 Mana)
    T5 World Spine Wurm, swing for 15
    T6 Rancor, swing, game over.

    • Magikarp_man

      scratch the rancor part

    • Guest

       OFC! And your opponent wont try to stop you in any single way! He will just stay there watching, you will draw your perfect hand, you will cast it 1 by one, your opponent wont do anything about it and you will win the game! C’mon now!

  • Mister_lobster

    And Timmy rejoiced.

  • pjizzle

    to be honest, i dont even think you need to worry about playing this guy or having him played against you, i think a golgori discard deck with this guy is gonna hurt. 2 of the worm and 1 mind rot, turn 3 you can just get 6 5/5 worms. 

    • Blah-de-blah

      You do realize that it’s when he DIES that you put 3 5/5 wurm tokens, right? NOT when he goes to the graveyard by discarding.

      • Pjizzle

        Yeaaaa I was in a rush and I thought it was enter graveyard not dies. Haha my bad. He would be soooo op if you could discard him. Still not as op as storm crow though.

        • Anon

           That would never be printed on a card. 3 5/5 tokens from a Wild Mongrel (or that new BG thing that’s basically the same thing but worse). Nooooope.

  • Gadjilitron

    You know why I like this card?

    Not because it’s a 15/15 with trample for 12 mana (easy enough to ramp to,)
    Not because it leaves behind 3 5/5’s if you try to kill it, basically meaning to get rid of the advantaged this card gives you your opponent either has to board wipe or waste a total of 4 removal spells.
    Not because it won’t die.
    But because finally there’s something that makes you (basically) immune to milling, AT LAST. (I know they may not exactly be common, but there’s 3 people at my local FNM that run mill decks. I HATE milling. It’s such a boring way to lose…and win, for that matter)

    • Blah-de-blah

      … seriously? NOW you find an anti-milling card in green? Elixir of Immortality (artifact, but colorless so it works just as well), Gaea’s Blessing, etc. just to name a few.

      • pjizzle

        or also any one of the big 3 eldrazi. the worm really isnt that good. basically if you had a play-set you would be left with a 4 card deck, eventually you would just draw them all. where as the eldrazi, elixir, or a number of other cards all have effects that shuffle your whole graveyard back into the deck.

        • Gadjilitron

          Fair enough. I only really play standard (i’m at work when they do modern, block, etc.) and the millers are always running crypts which they tend to use in response to an elixir. That, and I like big creatures, so there’s that.

      • Mlundgoldstein

        Progenitus is green

    • Anon

       Good god, just sideboard Elixir of Immortality and Trinket Mage if it’s that big of a deal.

  • Artheties1725

    aannndd the ne wormcoil is found and it looks scary…

    • Guest

      Are you comparing this piece of s*** to wurmcoil engine?

      • Justmanypeaches

        Look past standard format.

        • Anon

           It’s amazing how you say “Look past standard format.”

          I hope you mean EDH. Because that’s the only place it’s going to see play in except for the 10 year old Timmies who snagged one out of your Junk Mythic binder and is now playing it at FNM (and will never resolve it).

          • Exquisite_dead_guy

             Anon, just because you aren’t clever enough to see the fun in this card when combining it with older cards does not mean nobody else does.  I will probably pick up a couple of them if I find them to throw into my Timmy deck with Pattern of Rebirth and Defense of the Heart.  Either of those cards could bring this beast out on turn 4 or 5 fairly easily.

            Will it see play in standard?  Not likely.  Will it be fun to play in a casual game?  Absolutely.  Just the reaction when you throw something this ridiculous down on turn 4 is always fun.  I don’t play my Timmy deck very often, but it is fun now and then.  I prefer Johnny combo decks most of the time.  But I play the game to have fun and cards like this are fun to try to figure out a way to get them on the table.

          • IronSoul

             Yeah I agree. For anyone that can’t afford the Eldrazi Titans, decks that would otherwise run them could use this along that same mana curve. 11 mana with cards like the Urzatron and Primeval Titan is really not that difficult.

            T1: Land, Joraga Treespeaker
            T2: Land, Overgrown Battlement/Wall of Roots/Rampant Growth
            T3: Land, Primeval Titan, fetch Tower and Mine
            T4: Land, Swing with Titan, fetch rest of Urza. Tap out, drop Worldspine.


            T1: Land, Llanowar Elves/Arbor Elf

            T2: Land, Elvish Archdruid/Growth Spasm/2x Llanowar-Arbor

            T3: Land, Primeval Titan, fetch Tower and Mine

            T4: Land, Swing with Titan, fetch rest of Urza. Tap out, drop Worldspine.

            This thing will be a beast in a casual modern deck. Now admttedly, Primeval Titan still commands a fairly high price for a budget player, but a playset of Worldspines costs as much as a single Ulamog.

          • Wisdomseyes

            Staff of Nin and Vintage…

            enough said

          • natural order or sneak show both seem fun. for example just ramp up to 5 mana quick like play sneak attack+ activate, then s swing for 15 it dies gets 3 5/5s and lol.

          • ricky

             what are you smoking there so many ways to mana ramp into the 11 or just skip the casting itself with things like elvish piper

  • So silly. Unburial Rites has a new target

    • Tylertenn

      “When Worldspine Wurm is put into a graveyard from anywhere, shuffle it into its owner’s library.”
      Nope, they’ve got that covered.

      • guest

         The stack is beautiful and here’s the ruling for stuff like him (using the Elemental Incarnations)
        If the Incarnation is removed from the graveyard after the ability
        triggers but before it resolves, it won’t get shuffled into its owner’s
        library. Similarly, if a replacement effect has the Incarnation move to a
        different zone instead of being put into the graveyard, the ability
        won’t trigger at all.

        • Guest

          Yes, but unburial rites (as he stated he would use) is a sorcery and wouldn’t be able to be put on the stack the instant the wurm died.

      • John Schneider

        It’s actually…. NOT a replacement effect?? *Does double take

        Makeshift Mannequin anyone? :D

      • John Schneider

        Its actually… NOT a replacement effect?!?!? **Does double take**

        Makeshift Mannequin anyone? :D :D :D

  • ken

    get him out turn 4
    1:forest bird
    2: forest somberwald
    3: forest somberwald somberwlad bird
    4: forest worldspine surm.
    and then you win

    • Guest

       And evrybody is happy with the perfect hands!

    • Guest

       Works perfectly against the wall! Only 2 things, your opponent WILL cast spell, and your opponent WILL NOT let that happen.

    •  Then I play Selesnya Charm.. no… you dont win….

  • Guest

    Bad card! Bad!


    This is the guy that you use Jarad with. Maybe turn the deck into Jund colors, and slap a Splinter Twin on it.

  • Noihavent

    T1: Island
    T2: Island->Flash-> This-> TERKNS!

    Because this is actually more feasible then the god hands. Even if it’s restricted/banned.

  • Justmanypeaches

    Mayael the Anima EDH. Enough said

  • Joshua Kloss

    quicksilver amulet?

    • Mlundgoldstein

      In older formats sure but since it’s rotating out of standard Jace, Architect of Thought is the only thing in standard (so far) that can cheat this out with in standard either that or mana ramp. 

  • Ron

    An elf deck would cast this on turn 4…

  • Chubby Buddy

    Decent Natural Order target, Progenitus is still probably better, but at least he doesn’t get wrathed effectively.

  • blueisoverrated

    i thought of a way to get him out in 4 turns.

    turn 1: forest
    turn 2: boneyard wurm
    turn 3: descendants path
    turn 4: flip for worldspine wurm.

    this isnt perfect by my god this is all standard legal cards. i know what the next deck im making is and its going to put a shitty rare at a much higher value.

    • IronSoul

       It sounds good but make sure you have some backup plans or additional ramp to fill some of the other 60, since you’re relying on a good opening hand and good topdecks. It might help to splash blue for deck manipulation and control spells in case you can’t cheat out Worldspine right away.

    • Derp

       boneyard wurm dies unless you have a creature in your graveyard already… but descendant’s path is good.

  • lord Cyryx

    why is everyone hating on this magnificent card? please assume that i am extremely challenged mentaly, and explain in laymans terms. i am just so confuse.

    •  Check out the mana cost.  Even in games as long-timed as Standard, you generally don’t want to have this card in it since it’ll only come out on turn eleven doing its own thing or you’ll have to build your deck around a strategy to get it out early/manipulate it – which isn’t likely to turn out especially well.  Add to it that, except for red, each color already has a Standard-legal card [or several] to deal with it.  Like, easily.  Blue can obviously counter, white has tons of exile, and even black can just get rid of it for ONE mana with appetite for brains.  And, unless you have a ton of ramp or draw a land every turn, they’ll likely have ten turns or so to do exactly that while they continue building their field presence and actually progressing their strategy with versatile and efficient cards while you’ve just basically played most, if not all of the game, one card down since you just never got a chance to play it.

      Theoretically, you could find uses for the thing.  Using its leave-play ability with Selesnya cards to get tons of 5/5 trampling worms sounds fun, certainly, but difficult to do.  In other formats, it’s seems more likely to play with.  I would love to see a deck built entirely around tutoring for Evlish Pipers and this, I guess, but the only legal formats for those already have more competitive decks, really. 

      But, what do I know.  There might be some clever things that I’m not seeing – there’s certainly better players than me in the world.  But don’t expect anyone playing at your local FNM Standard nights to run this card and place well.  Does that make sense?  Or does anybody else want to chime in?

      • Snesstimelord67

        i really dont see a mana problem. i dont have any birds or other mana producing creatures, but i do have a few sol rings and thran dynamos. if you throw down a swamp and a sol ring first turn and play mind rot you can have 6 5/5 tramples turn two. this card is amazing and easy to play. i just dont get it

        •  Well, Thran Dynamo is only legal in Vintage, Legacy, and EDH for game types you’re likely to run into, and Sol Ring is banned in Legacy and restricted in Vintage.  So I’m assuming that you’re talking about Legacy play?  Because then you’re still having to hope that you draw the one Sol Ring in your deck that you’re allowed to have just for the scenario you’re describing to happen.  Keeping in mind that Vintage is the only set where you’re going to run into the best/most broken cards in the game like black lotus and the other ‘Power Nines’, and this card simply doesn’t stack up.  It’s fun, but not especially competitive.  You’re not going to see it see much play, it’s just not versatile enough.

          Secondly, your premise is incorrect.  You get three 5/5 trampling wurms when the creature dies.  That means that he has to be on the battlefield, then killed by something.  If you simply discard him, as you would with a card with mindrot, you do not get the tokens.  And since he shuffles back into the deck, you can’t use reanimation, either.  So the only way to get him out, in Standard, anyway, is to straight-cast him for eleven mana, which is just too steep.

          • lord Cyryx

            i dont really play in tournaments so i dont care whats banned and whats not. as for devoting an entire deck to a single cause, why not? all of my friends have decks devoted to a card or creature type in specific. one has an entire deck that has nothing but high cost demons that he regularly plays on turn three or four. another has a deck compleatly based on the fact that all of his stuff will be indestructable by turn five.

            as for the fact that i over looked the mind rot plan, i dont always look at the exact wording of a card verry closely, and my mind gets carried away sometimes. but i still will enjoy playing this card for a while.

          •  Right, but again, that’s casual play.  Most of the people who play Magic, and just about all of us that follow spoilers for new sets, have long since hit the point where either we or our friends have designed decks that are basically unbeatable without some limitations, and so we just use the balancing systems that Wizards has come up with.  I know it’s not for everyone, I definitely hated it at first, but give Standard a go.  Ask your friends to build the best Standard deck that they can and then play with them.  You might get that feeling you got when you first started playing again.  =]

  • Corsarris

    You really do not see it do you? Anyone remember Solar Flare? G/B/W…. Now think real hard with Splinterfright how it this would be hard to get into your graveyard and reanimate with Unburial Rites. Or Using Lily to discard it.. You have the ramp to make is possible.. And if your still doubting.. Add Golgari himself.. Sac the wurm to Golgari get 3 5/5’s and Good Game.. 

    • Corsarris

      This is not likely to be top tier deck but I would not be surprised to see more than a couple people try it.

      • Corsarris

        If you still aren’t at least intrigued by this idea.. Remember Shock lands are back thus making it possible that mutilate might actually be useful in this deck. 

    • good luck reanimating him with rites he gets shuffled back :P

  •  Actually, just quickly, speaking of combo-ing with Selesnya for early play, attacking a ton with lots of saprolings and Druid’s Repository sounds almost doable but quite risky.  Very fun if you can make it work, though.  You can also double their likelihood of helping in Modern with the Convoke mechanic – again Selesnya; but Modern has tons of board wipes, so…. yeah; the issue of better/more efficient combos within the same format is still there.  Who knows what other cards will come out in the new block, though.  We’ll just have to see.

  • guyfarting

    Mana ramp, Parallel Lives, Mitotic Slime, Wurmcoil Engine, and this guy would make a really savage deck.

  • Firestorm75

    We have no choice, we must Oblivion Ring it. Its the only way out..

  • Neuo the 1

    such a great card i think i want one for my green deck so much power. it is highly undercosted. plus  there ways to cheat the mana cost so i’m loving it

  • Malandrín

    It can be played in Vintage. It would be a very odd combo because i would need, Flash, that is limited in that format.

  • Malandrín

     Another way to use it, is with druids repository,llanowar elf, parallel lives and the skill populate. Attacking in a suicidal way unitil you gain enough mana, around turn  4 I  calculate.

  • Vegasmseein

    Hmmm….bonyard worm, decendant’s path, sounds like a turn 4 possibility to me, just need something that you can sac/kill off turn one so boneyard has some life to come into play with but could turn 4 it in standard!!!