• Anonymous

    I’m willing to bet that none of the Titans will see another print cycle.

    • Pennymark

      True. They have to come up with something even better.

      • yeah golems of every color!

        • Jon


      • Kbarr3077

        when r they gonna make a blue green or white green planeswalker?

        • sorin

          the blue green could be the plans walker that is from the duels of the planes walkers game

    • Empyrean

      You’re probably right. Seems kind of boring when every single 6-drop bomb is a titan. Decks might see a little more creativity without titans.

      • frumundathegrave

        ugh you guys are missing the point. first of all, not all 6d’s are titans- let’s not forget about wurmcoil. also, your 6-mana slot SHOULD be a bomb and there’s one for every color. it’s a little unbalanced because frosty nippletan sucks, but if its not titans its gonna be another round of 6 drop bombs lol. It took me a long time to acquire ten grave titans, and the last thing I want is for their price to drop. That being said, they’re getting old because they are the star of most decks they’re in, not just spiciness. Thus, i’m just seeing the same thing over and over even in my own! I LOVE grave titan but i think its time to move on… at least until m15 ;)

        Its obvious that bolas is back as a walker. no doubt there, and its obvious that his creature form sucks- why would they reprint that horrible horrible card? However, until return to ravnica comes out, titans are with us. watch sun titan keep bringing back vexing devil like crazy.

        • George Zapatos

          Let’s be serious; Consecrated Sphinx (“frosty nippletan”s replacement) and Wurmcoil Engine are basically titans.

      • Lonethief

        Wurmcoil? Terminus? Mikeus? Rooftop Storm? Consecrated Sphinx, Contagion Engine, Massacre Wurm..?

    • maybe not in the next decade… hopefully they do though… i just like them…. Domain Deck Titans and Bringers FTW :I

  • AW

    I hope doom blade and mana leak make another reprint

    • Mrmissouri25

      just because they are staples in so many decks, i think it be dumb for wizards not to reprint them.

      • Colin0150

        thats exactly why they should NOT reprint them.

    • Jfagerstrom

      I want go for the throat

      • Law Mage

        Too powerful with so few Artifact creatures

  • Omega

    I hope WoG comes back…. hell, even another print of DoJ works

    • Student of Warfare

      DoJ is awesome and has come out a lot recently, so WoG would be an epic change-up

      • Jeeves

        maybe a new variation on damnation, that would be nice.

        • Johnee Gama

          either reprint damnation, or a watered-down version like WoG/DoJ

    • iwannadothemagic

      they removed WoG because of the title of the card saying God

    • Wrath won’t be reprinted because of the whole God thing, but I’d Damnation and DoJ are both possible, I wouldn’t expect more than DoJ though…

  • Joe

    too bad the world will end and we wont be able to see this set…

    • LJ

      Doesn’t the world end in December? And doesn’t this set come out in July?…

      • Blaze87

        I would like to see more Knight cards. They rock!

    • Jfagerstrom


  • Joe


  • Ricardo420luv

    sengir vampire will reappear, I bet fling, and fireball as well. They should put some of the alara block in it.

    • Judge2008

      fling is in the innistrad block already….

    • Wrexial

      Fireball is horrible..

  • cosineofthetas

    Does anyone know what “hook” is?

    • lolwhaat

      If anyone knew for sure what “hook” was, it wouldn’t be labeled as hook anymore. Seriously, does no one have common sense or use logic anymore?

    • I LIKE PIE

      Return to Ravnica

  • Doom Ninja Clan

    Reprint form of the Dragon! Make Form of the Demon, Angel, Ninja, and Wurm!

  • Ultrarocker52

    thats the name of the set after M13, HOOK? WHAT KINDA DIMWIT THOUGHT OF THAT, i could make some more creative name than HOOK! WTF

    • Zither

      It’s obviously just a placeholder. Note the quotation marks around the word “Hook”.

    • NateDawgAU

      Umm… it’s the development name. Like “Hook,” “Line,” and “Sinker.” The next block after Innistrad is the “hook” block, like the Innistrad block was developed as “Shake,” “Rattle,” and “Roll.”

    • lolwhaat

      Fail… on an interesting side note, the codename for the entire block is “Hook” “Line” “Sinker” and you sir, fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

  • Domainauditor


  • Malaxymoo

    path should come back

  • Tiger

    I want milling to stop, that shit is crap learn to build a real deck.

    • Thetameone

      Milling is a viable deck format don’t be a pussy and complain about a certain deck cause it stomps on you…

      • Jldetwiler0229

        So true, its annoying as hell to see all your good stuff thrown to the graveyard, but I agree, it is a viable deck, although flashback and other certain cards kill it instantly, learn how to fight against it, don’t whine about it

        • TurboFog

          just use Blightsteel Collosus in your sideboard to counter mill all cards just shuffle back in when he hits

          • RTFC

            wrong blightsteel shuffles not everything

    • zypre

      Eldrazi, done your deck is almost mill-proof >_>

    • Derp

      Yes, because I feel SOOO bad when I hit your Liliana, Jace, and Sun Titan with a Dream Twist.

  • Saxihim

    Give me lightning bolt, and give me dark ritual.

    • Damocles

      I wouldn’t count of Dark Ritual ever coming back. It’s a shame, though… I love that card.

      • Wordmaster

        they’ll reprint it eventually… i mean come on, they’re reprinting bone splinters in avacyn restored, and the morbid synergy is AWESOME…. if they did DR in M13 it’d be a real archtype.

        • Jorthypoo

          We’re not going to get Dark Ritual while Tamiyo is in Standard. I don’t think Wizards wants an infinite mana combo in the format.

          • Patrick Leland Dunn

            Hey, Wizards liks bans, they could juts ban Tamiyo, personally I’m ok with that:P i’d rather have dark ritual

          • Boqueshashightime

             But then you could have a turn 4 Griselbrand

          • Lonethief

            Turn one if you draw four of them XD

          • Wisdomseyes

            Just another reason blue gets almost no new cards and their old good cards are considered “too powerful” in the eyes of wizards, its because of dumb asses like you that mana leak isnt being reprinted in this set, and its because of dumb asses like you they might consider Tamiyo a mistake and make more blue planeswalkers like Jace, Memory adept at 6 or 7 mana. Grow up and stop posting this bullshit online where wizards can take it seriously. I mean i know they want to add new players front he game but at this rate blue will just be removed from the color wheel altogether. the only things that blue has right now are things like delver and snapcaster, things mark Rosewater has admitted to being mistakes in design and shouldn’t have been as powerful as they were. It is because of people like you that in a creature tribal heavy meta they created caver of souls just to balance out how “over powered” control was. When was the last time control won a major tournament? Huh? It has been a long time, so stop crying about not getting freaking black ritual spells so you can play for 8 mana spells turn 1, and stop hating on things like Tamiyo, who makes play only in 1 or 2 deck builds that still dont win major tournaments. 

          • George Zapatos

            They specifically said that it was to prevent Snapcaster Mage…. Which wins just about all the tourneys. And I don’t think that Tamiyo is OP anyway. But don’t whine about how Blue gets no love in a time when Fish-like decks (Faeries, Caw-Blade, Delver) have dominated so many recent formats. I get your point; MaRo and the rest are too coddling to the newbs, but still. No reason to complain about blue being UNDER-powered.

          • Wisdomseyes

            1) not whining. I am addressing someone else’s complaint with my complaint about their complaint.

            2) delver was an accedent just like snapcaster was. It was addressed by WotC.

            3) blue really Isn getting new cards, we re getting a pretty heavy steam of reprints and amass the components. The blue in m13 is just evidence of my claim

          • Guest

             Dude stop sperging out. Mana leak is op, i mean come on cancel anything for 2 mana? Sure they can pay 3 mana to stop it, that would mean a one mana drop is gonna cost you 4. Nobody has that THAT early. Cancel was just fine, or at least make a mana leak multicolored black/blue maybe.

          • Lonethief

            I think they banned mana leak because cavern nullified it didn’t they? Mana leak has been annually reprinted since 8th, other that m10. And it existed before then. It has always been a good card.

          • Liam

            Uhm Alexander Hayne won with blue white control/angels so chill out. However I do agree with the fact that blue is being trashed by wizards. Honestly this set needs way more of a control element and not a merfolk/flying element. 

          • Pablo J Dopico

            1) You don’t need to call him a dumbass just because you’re angry with wizards. You can behave like a gentleman believe it or not and people will respect your opinion more.

            2) It’s hard to feel like blue is being phased out all together when blue is one of the most succesful colors in standard, with Delver being one of the most popular cards, Mana leak being the most common instant played of all instants in standard, SNapcaster being amazing, giltaxian probe (sp?) also a strong card. 
            3) It’s not like nothing good is being printed for blue, Jace phantasm is pretty sweet for one and works very well with the entire theme of Jace, just because their printing something other than “blue control” doesn’t mean you have to get so upset, as far as you know it’ll be back next core set.

          • Pablo J Dopico

            Also, this is his origional post: 

            Hey, Wizards liks bans, they could juts ban Tamiyo, personally I’m ok with that:P i’d rather have dark ritual”Please reread your post and tell me that amount of rage was necessary.

          • A14digitcode

            They don’t mind it they already made infinite mana with Lych and Priest of Urabrask.  Not to mention infinite life gain or damage with the avacyn being released.

          • Trey Harris

            How is Havengul Lich + Priest of Urabrask infinite mana?

          • Dynasty2473


          • Dasausfall

            That combo is so easy to interrupt, though.

          • C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!

          • Zecrus

             2 Myr Galvanizers + pallidium myr is another infinite mana combo.  Infinite mana combos are not a problem, as long as it is difficult to set up.  Tamiyo ult + dark ritual is very impractical.  Another possible infinite mana combo is Tamiyo ult + heartless summoning + priest of urabrask.  So far im counting 3 standard infinite mana combos, anyone want to list some more?

          • Trey Harris

            The 2 Galvanizers + Palladium is kinda a bad example, since you need both mana from the Palladium just to untap everything and repeat. You’d need another Palladium Myr (or any other mana producing Myr) for it to reallly be an infinite mana combo.

          • Stixx

            Nah, it just takes the one palladium. Tap palladium for two mana, pay 1 and tap a galvanizer to untap palladium. You have one mana in your pool. Retap your now-untapped palladium for two more mana, pay 1 mana and tap your other galvanizer to untap both the palladium and the other galvanizer. You now have 2 mana in your mana pool. Tap palladium for two more, pay one to untap, continue ad infinitum.

          • Triedge

            U have one mana left after each tap with galvanizers u don’t need another one 

          • Triedge

            First tap 1 mana tap palladium again 3 galvanizer tap 2 left tap again 4 infinite 

          • Iswrath

            Arcane Melee, Tamiyo’s ult, and Ghostly Flicker

          • Iswrath

            Heartless summoning, Priest of Urberask,, Havengul Lich 

          • George Zapatos

            Tamiyo Ritual is damn hard to set up. Tamiyo hardly ever gets to resolve her emblem.

          • Folkvardr

             heartless summoning+Havengul Lich+ Priest of Urabrask Infinite Mana without Tamiyo

          • Jettfighter27

            deadeye navigator + perigrine drake

          • SMDfromtheNW

             Battle Hymn + 3 creatures + Tamiyo emblem = INfinite mana in standard

          • Nfisher898

            Tamiyo ult+ Infernal Plunge+ a red or colorless creature that cost less than 2 mana

          • Nfisher898

            Infinite damage, if you also have a Blood Artist out

          • Guest

            There are plenty infinite mana combos.

            2 myr galvanizers, 1 palladium myr.
            tap palladium- 2 mana
            use one galvanizer- untap palladium -1 mana
            tap palladium again- 3 mana
            use other galvanizer- untap other myrs- repeat

          • oaomcg

            *cough* battle hymn

          • RevShad

             Myr Galvanizer is still standard until Oct, so the proper statement would have been another infinite mana combo

        • Circa89247

          See my post earlier, dark rit is never to be reprinted

        • Nyara

          They probably won’t, ritual effects aren’t in black’s part of the color pie anymore…

    • Jackie8900


    • Tmanley

      i want bad moon!

      • Seb

        I want CANDY

        • Lonethief

          In soviet Russia, candy want YOU!

          • BOSS

            Go screw yourself you communist transvestite!!!!!

    • Bobertcasey

      no,vexing devil is op…burn needs zero more support

      • Patrick Leland Dunn

        i think if they added Fire Servant again and Vexing Devil is running, it would be a tad ridiculous, but if they brought leylines back it’d befine :P That white leyline fixes it lol

        • Wisdomseyes

          having hexproof doesnt stop vexing devil’s ability….

        • Andrew

          Fire Servant is only for instant and sorcery spells.

          • BOBZILLA

            that’s why you fling it lol

        • George Zapatos

          Oh, you people who think burn is good… It’s good in NO format and won’t be good in ANY format. Same as Mill.

          • Lonethief

            Looks like SOMEONE has never heard of the Dimir…
            t1 Tome Scour. 48 cards left
            t2 Glimpse the unthinkable. 37 left
            t3 Mind funeral. should leave the opponent at about 24 cards left.

          • Lonethief

            sorry for the delay
            t4 snapcaster and replay glimpse 13 cards left.
            t5, another funeral. There is a good chance this is game. If not, tome scour or glimpse for the win.

      • Guest

        Vexing Devil is nowhere near op- where do you see it getting played?

        • nigga, you dumb

        • JamesMoose

          i have 3 vexing devils in my red blue burn control deck

    • Graywing

      agreed with a flame servant

    • Circa89247

      Dark rit is on there NOT TO BE REPRINTED list, kinda like a banned list but for cards that wont ever be in standard again

    • Ortero Victor

      lol that would be crazy

    • Bkkk69

      dark ritual would be nice but lightning bolt is overpowered and gay

      • Lonethief

        Lightning bolt isn’t as op as Dark Ritual. Nor is it alive, thus it is impossible for it to be “gay.” They might print it in m14, if 3 toughness becomes more widespread in standard, but as of now, it is 2.

    • SirRanRap

      and ancestral recall

    • John Dalton

       “Lighting Bolt, Lighting Bolt, Lighting Bolt… Root…Death, Death, Death”
      Does it come with bean bags to toss as well?
      Sorry I could not resist ( Wait I didn’t Learn that spell ) lolz
      Give me Hydra ( Primordial or Khalni )and Prey Upon any day of the week over Lighting Bolt and Dark Ritual. But I am not a Pro so I could be very wrong.

    • BOSS

      Your mom’s a lightning bolt and a dark ritual…

  • Danieltan97

    i hope red will make a comback in this set, as there are no good reds in innistrad and dka after the scars set

    • Danielyouresostupid

      are you retarded?

    • cd

      umm red deck wins. idiot.

    • George Zapatos

      He’s actually kinda right. Red didn’t get any actually powerful cards, besides Faithless Looting and… IDK, Hellrider?
      Vexing is pretty weak, look at the top 8s. Faithless is only played in decks feeding the gy for Unburial Rites pretty much.

  • Dak185185

    gime mo walkers!!!!!!!!!

    like 5 each coler!!!!

    lolol not gona hapen

    • Zypre

      You may see 1 each colour again if you’re lucky :P

  • Seilernoel

    i would like to see a demon planeswalker

    • Jason FTW!

      like the new demon thats in avacyn restored? I think his name is grisilbond or something.Idk if he is a planes walker but he looks epic.

      • Tee15222

        not a planeswalker…

      • Jfagerstrom

        he ant no planswalker

    • Tibalt, the fiend blooded. Avacyn restored.

      • Lonethief

        Not a demon! He is a human who was infused with the devils that surrounded him as his spark ignited.

    • Tibalt, the fiend blooded. Avacyn restored.

    • Demons cannot be planeswalkers, they are beings of pure mana, and just like angels cannot become planeswalkers, so everyone just needs to stop talking about angels/demons being planeswalkers, also Tibalt is a human that was fused with some devils when he gained his spark, not a devil and not a demon, also Ob Nixilis was a not a demon when he was a planeswalker, he went to Zendikar, his black mana went out of control and consumed his body, he lost his spark and became a demon…

  • Byblis

    What about Feather as a planes walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Empyrean

      Why would she be a planeswalker if no other angel so far has been?

  • Peejeei

    Lightning Bolt & the Titans =)

    • cd

      theres no way they’ll reprint the titans. its just not going to happen. as for lightning bolt, probably not.

      • Rkw83

        Wizards has decided that lightning bolt is to strong for a 1 drop, so we may never see lightning bolt again. Hence why they came out with shock and such. :(

  • Mayor_disaster

    Please, return us back the counter-spell and the wrath of god

    • Wildkatt619

      WoG?? but u have DoJ….

  • Epic Chicken

    Titans, Counterspells, and Burn. That’s All I Ask!

    • Jlsoles1

      the titans will never see another reprint as per wizards

      • Tmanley

        not never but atleast 2 base sets

  • BenjaminTerror

    I will be very disappointed if the Titans come back to many people rely on them. Aslo dont really care about what planswalkers show up. What i really wanna see is more u/b spells that would help out the Zombies from the Innistrad block and i want Death boron back.

    • Rkw83

      From what I have heard the Titans will NOT be back.

    • Couryrussell

      Death Baron, AWESOME with gravecrawler

  • Pendragon245

    .. what is going to happen to green ramp T~T

  • Eric

    we will possibly see a layline reprint

  • Shawnt0808

    bring back 4th edition modernised woudl be interesting.

  • bolas’s faithful servant

    bring bolas back

  • roger

    another set of dual lands!

    • Lrhall94

      No… The same sets of Dual Lands. That way we don’t have to go in and spend a pile of money for the same damned thing with a different name.

      • MrQuestionMark

        Bringing back the pain lands would be cool with me. But having a new cycle see print would be irritating to say the least.

  • Scormio

    I know this is a longshot, but I think Swords to Plowshares should come back. With all this undying and “I’d rather have my creature card in my graveyard than in my hand” bs, more available exile is sorely needed.

    • anonWUB

      too good. But i do think we’ll have some new white exile. And an O-Ring, hopefully.

  • Grizzled Deformity

    Red counter-magic!

  • Lawrencedualo

    lightning bolt, vampire nighthawk and path to exile…

    • Kfl54321

      broken as hell bud, it would be some kinda awsome though :D
      any confermation on titans yett cause i want primeval gone asap….

      • Empyrean

        People are constantly saying Wizards said they would be excluded. I see no reason not to believe them considering they make every other legal 6 drop worthless by their mere existence.

        • Circa89247

          I have heard alot of buzz about no titans, i have a friend of a friend who works for wizard and he says no m13 titans

      • Trey Harris

        Titan’s won’t be gone until Return to Ravnica in October.

    • guest

      Path to Exile is going to be in the next Duel Deck

      • Lonethief

        the “next duel deck” has every color BUT white…

        • Lonethief

          Wait, scratch that, you meant Venser vs. Koth didn’t you?

    • George Zapatos

      Everybody’s obsessed with the Alara-Zendikar years… Don’t be so nostalgic.

  • My_soothsayer

    Elvish piper, please; and leveler for my self mill.

  • LyleChipChipperson

    Cards I’d like reprinted: black – yawgmoth’s will, blue – intuition, green – aluren, red – mana flare, white – wrath of God, artifact – ring of gix, land – vesuva. I’d like to see the changeling type return, and maybe a new set of avatars, and colorless non-artifact creatures and spells.

    • anonWUB

      yeah, cause vintage-restricted material is appropriate for core sets. about that… Also, DoJ is plenty fine for standard instead of WoG. Vesuva, not bad. Aluren, broken. Yawg, i hope you’re joking (look at past in flames). Intuition? A little OP for standard, but it should be in modern, so not a horrible choice. Unless they do an echo theme, you won’t see the ring. No colorless creature/spells are gonna happen. Neither is changeling.

  • Suicideangel

    “COUNTERSPELL is in M13!” that is all.

    • Cetherin93


    • LazyLoader

      Well, I think that Mana Leak has demonstrated to be superior to Counterspell as you can splash it in any deck and is almost always a hard counter.

      I’d like to see M13 (and a Standard format) with Counterspell instead of Mana Leak and less powerful dual lands

      • Colin0150

        mana leak is NOT better than counterspell. i don’t care if needs 2 blue, counterspell can be used past turn 5. they need to print a card that costs one blue that says “counter target mana leak spell” and call it Counter Leak.

        • Wisdomseyes

          counterspell is not strictly better than mana leak, and if you look at ones ability to get 2 blue mana turn 2 and not screw themselves over outside mono-bue (a very weak tactic in most formats) you will see counterspell is not the BEST option. Mana leak is meant to allow you to get more land more often with your opponent not doing anything. Then you can start smashing later game with things like norn.
          In modern, and other formats that are too recent for counterspell, counterspell would make a significant impact on the game. Multi-lands up the yin yang, means there is no such thing as being color screwed, which is likely there wont be a counterspell reprint any time soon. When you can run remand and counterspell at the same time, the game stops being good and fun.
          I personally prefer a remand reprint. THAT is scarier by far than silly counterspell. Just reprint remand with Jace art and I will be happy. Jace was my favorite planeswalker pre-worldwake, and remand is much better in terms of game control and speeding you up than counterspell is.
          Both counterspell and remand are viable options to be reprinted, though, since cavern of souls now exists.

          • Patrick Leland Dunn

            So true, Wisdomeyes, Remand is a much better card, and since it was ravnica, it’s a possibility that it could be reprinted in return to ravnica if it’s not printed in m13. I would love to see it come back.

        • Wordmaster

          name it mana fill.

        • Lonethief

          Then they should make a card call “Counter Leak Leak” that has “Counter target ‘counter target mana leak spell’ spell” XD 

    • Jfagerstrom

      screw blue

      • vega43

        hey you know what jfagerstorm screw you 

        • Patrick Leland Dunn

          kids, chillax.

        • Ulvenwald Tracker

          Keep fighting!

      • Kuriheartsyou

         Agreed. Blue decks are so unoriginal anymore.

      • Lrhall

        wizards has done a good enough job.

        • Patrick Leland Dunn

          Lol i’m a legacy player so blue kidna beasts everything else out there

      • eternalmaddness

        i agree, and thats what cavern of souls is for

    • If it is, I have 7 old ones >:D

    • Spooky

      Very unlikely, at least until after Snapcaster rotates.

      • Wisdomseyes

        snapcaster + counterspell is 1UUU, and that doesnt suggest heavy in color towards blue to you?

        • Patrick Leland Dunn

          Ah, but blue always has been the best color, so who cares.

        • George Zapatos

          Cryptic Command. And I’d be ok with running Mono Blue if they gave me a 2 mana hard-counter.

    • BlackHeart

      Force of Will has been spoiled as Mythic.
      Google it. =)

      • Lonethief

        No it hasn’t… Mythics are Jace, Omnisciense, and… mother of god. THEY HAVEN’T SPOILED THE THIRD BLUE MYTHIC 0.o IT COULD BE FOW! But seriously, they aren’t reprinting Force of Will. That would be stupid.

  • Squirrelyjoe

    if were not gonna see titans bring us back some Pit Legends from Onslaught, or at least some similar variants.

  • Nkolaus9

    i need gatekeeper and nihthawk and other cool vampires

    • anonWUB

      gatekeeper has kicker. not core set material.

  • The jace cards, the myrs, mana leak, cancel, counter spell, negate, grind clock and more

  • Lrhall94

    Phantasmal image would be cool for Green/blues, go for the throat being reprinted, mana leak, doom blade. I’d like to see Elspeth or Gideon making a return and Koth instead of Chandra.

    • I LIKE PIE

      My biggest concern is the fact that I think Koth is going to return as a BLACK/RED planeswalker, corrupted by the Phyrexians, but that’s just a concept that popped into my head, if you look at certain cards, it depicts Koth being covered in a black substance.

  • Dliv666

    Please DON’T REPRINT Mana Leak

    • Jfagerstrom

      screw you mana leak is awsome

  • Jfagerstrom

    bring back ajani wizerds

  • Torgeir

    With the Nicol Bolas wallpaper release, it could look like the leaked trailer _is_ for M13. In that case, the PWs in M13 would be:

    – Ajani (M11 reprint, or new)
    – Liliana (INI reprint)
    – Jace (M12 reprint)
    – Chandra (M12 reprint)
    – Garruk (should be new, as they can’t reprint the DFC version from INI and he isn’t not suddenly back to how it was in M12)
    – Nicol Bolas (Conflux reprint, or new)

    This also means the core set contains gold cards, and is another hint to that ‘Hook’ is a return to Ravnica.

    I hope the titans don’t get reprinted, as they have been dominating Standard for a long time. And I hope to see both allied- and enemy-colored dual lands reprinted (from M12 and INI).

    • Torgeir

      Never mind the gold cards part: some suggest Nicol Bolas is going to be colorless (remember his interest in release of the Eldrazi), and that just makes more sense as the haven’t included gold cards in the past.

    • Pawborup

      Ajani will not return, since he died before m12 and unless karn resurrects him he wont return, since its only Karn and bolas there has power to do that to other planeswalkers

      • Um I’m not sure who lied to you and said that Ajani is dead, but he is alive and kicking, the only planeswalker printed on a card that’s dead is Venser…

    • Jlsoles1

      i can see them doing a new ajani liliana and nicol bolas but think about the previous cycles they will be printing jace in return to ravnica i just cannt see them printing him m13

  • MythicRare

    I want to see Sanguine Bond come back. It left standard right before I got into MtG.

    • SCorbs

      Not gonna happen with the new card in Avacyn restored that has been spoiled. Exquisite blood.

  • whatever

    I’m not asking much. I just want FoW reprinted, that’s all. Make it ubber mythic rare if you will…

  • Artistic Instinct

    jaces erasure needs to be reprinted

  • The Boss

    Angelic Destiny NEEDS to be Reprinted again in the M13 Set

    • Jfagerstrom


  • juniorinthejungle777

    id like to see a brainstorm comeback.. with me?? Ponder can jump cliffs.
    Also! Some sphinx mayhem. Let’s make it happen!

  • Crunchkoto

    bring back plateau and underground sea

  • Salabusabkamikazi

    i hope a comeback for wurmcoil engine would be possible

    • Jfagerstrom

      I agree man nothings better than wurmcoil

  • Edward

    nic ur bolacs

  • Itschgo

    Baneslayer Angel pls

    • Empyrean

       YES! I want Baneslayer Angel to make a reappearance so badly.


    I’ll be happy if Memnite and Lightning Bolt see a reprint.
    I REALLY want a Noble Hierarch reprint though. :D

  • Jfagerstrom

    we want a wurmcoil reprint

  • bolas faithful servant

    looks like the planeswalker killer bolas is coming back

  • Xxrushxfanxx

    I wonder if quicksilver amulet will be reprinted? My god that is such a great card

  • MrQuestionMark

    Exhume. This is the only card I want to be in this set. I’ve been wanting to play a winning reanimator deck in standard forever and seeing exhume in M13 would make that dream come true.

    • Tmanley


  • Sarcastic7Dragon

    OMG finally a good set! TWO boring ones in a row, now something amazing, l ravnica, alara and lorwyn l=so far the best ones, in my opinion

    • Sarcastic7Dragon

      reposting to: where it actually belongs

  • Maxevans2000

    nicol bolas returns

  • guest

    Anyone notice the lines spreading outwards, similar to the Miracle card art?

  • Build a black zombie counter deck with white life given cards. GOOD IDEA ? OR BAD IDEA ?

    • Cobra1264

      they tried with humans and it isnt working right now because the humans rely too heavily on counters and the zombies all have undieing.

  • CheeseB

    I just want Solemn Simulacrum back…

    • I agree, I have a playset and don’t want them to go to waste…

  • meowmix

    Don’t you guys want some different awesome big creatures! Come on make a diverse game, not just reprint after reprint.

  • elmoopo

     They really should reprint Wrath instead of DoJ in m13. I really see no reason not to, so long as they keep doom blade over terror. And it would drop the price a bit for modern players.

    • Wrexial

      Isuue being.. WoG was reprinted as DoJ for the fact of God being in the title

  • Xyles46

    Hoping Knight Exemplar makes the list.

  • vega43

    hope jace so badly

  • Drasil2009

    If they bring back dark ritual i want hatred too. man i loved that card I use it in me B/W cleric

    •  Dark ritual will never be reprinted. They have said as much.

  • StellarNinja

    Sadly my beloved Wurmcoil Engines will be out soon.

  • Nicorobin_0531

    are solem going to be back in m13

  • Bobertcasey

    need a goyf reprint so i can actually play green in modern

  • Maxevans2000

    its freaking bolas so happy im making my grixis deck right now

  • Uwemic

    Lightning bolt would definitely make me happy

  • Cobra1264

    new bolas please one a little easier to play out and just as nice of abilities i wouldnt mind a 6 drop with only 3 abilities over the 8 mana cost that was kinda hard to reach fast enough. also we need the rack back so discard decks have some power to them for once in a long time. finaly what would top this set off is either swords of plowshares or path to exile maybe even tarmogoyf so i dont need to drop 120 bucks per goyf and bring in some true power house fun with splinterfright and boneyardwurm.

    • Wrexial

      Two Nightscape Familiar”s drop his cost by 4, sir.

    • I LIKE PIE

      Honestly Bolas is easy to play in the new set, just have druids repository on a green deck, with creatures that can attack, then remove 8 counters from druids repository and play bolas.

  • Griselbrand

    Giant Spider? lol

  • Autre31415

    Bring back Soulless One, Undead Warchief, Zombify, Unearth and by God bring back Phantasmal Image so Sigarda isn’t invincible.

  • bolas’s faithful servant

    finally my master returns to standard.

  • Miguel1760

    add liches mirror love that card 

  • Miguel1760

     linches mirror

  • Deadeye

    he suits my style

  • Tuft64

    I want. Hope they reprint ponder and mana leak, like they ALWAYS do, cuz i just started running delver.

  • eternalmaddness

    wondering about the single color planewalkers, they need to make chandra op for once, i hope ajani comes back

  • elishanorn

    they should bring elish a norn and the other praetors.  plus that would be awsome +2/+2 o_0

  • That symbol definitely looks like Bolas’s head


    i hate bolas

    • Why? is it because he raped your mother? because he did :)

  • Scormio

    I hope they’re making a new Bolas instead of reprinting the old one.  I love the guy like no other, but he’s just not playable in standard at that cost.  I mean, I know there’s kitchen table magic and stuff where this guy is fun, but I REALLY wanna be able to play him competitively at FNM.  Cost him at [3][U][B][R], start him at 5 loyalty, and give him a good and usable suite of 3 abilities.

    • I LIKE PIE

      Have you seen the rare from avacyn Druids Repository? With it you can easily play Nicol Bolas as he currently is, one drop creatures that can attack each turn are preffered, but once you get 8 counters on druids repository just remove them and play bolas ;3 easy solution, and you don’t have to mess with his epicness.

  • Beto

    Lighting Helix!

  • Voldrin

    Need moar black.

  • Mastaak

    Dark Ritual and Counterspell, come on

  • Thecampen

    I say make the remaining 4 Elder Dragons into Planeswalkers…..

    • Dragon boy

      hell yea

    • Trey Harris

      They’re all dead though.

      • Actually Palladia Mors is just in a coma in a hill and Vaevictis Asmadi got blinked somewhere, but Arcades Sabboth and Chromium are both ineed dead…

        •  What about Chromium?

          • He is dead, I said it right up there…

          • Burden Of The World

            You didnt get the joke… He was talking about the chromium the OS from google…

          • That’s called Chrome, I’m pretty sure you just made up a joke…

          • Nauxitt

            The open source version is called Chromium. I’m typing in it, right now.

          • That’s not really the point, there wasn’t any joke for me not to get, Chromium is one of the elder dragons, I seriously doubt that someone made an arbitrary joke about something completely irrelevant…

          • Theholyeternalemperor

            LOL umad

          • Not mad just trying to figure out how there was a joke there?…

          • Fallenvash

             Normally I find a lot of your too headstrong and huaghty, but I have to agree with you on this one. Not seeing how there could have been a joke. I wouldn’t say it’s an ‘irrelevant’ joke due to the pun work, but it did not sound like he was making a joke at all.

          • Thank you so much…

          • You’re amazing! :D

          • John Dalton

             Im a Dork Pthhhh……

            I got to say the “Chromium” was not a good “Joke” if one at all… and I’m a Chem dork..
            unless they are saying that they like the  third heptagonal pyramidal number but being an egg head i find no hidden funny in that… Guess some people just don’t like to say ” I didn’t read your post ” and others like to type metaphors for ” i really don’t know whats going on but i am going to say its this…”
            Trust me I’m 110% nerd and i found nothing to laugh about.

          • Kbps3

            LB IS OP!!!

          • Richardshort

             Burden of the World, Nauxitt, and Theholyeternalemperor are definitely not Jion Wansu trying really hard to cover for a mistake instead of just saying “oops”.  No, sir.  Couldn’t be.

        • Blah

           Lily should reanimate them

          • Easier said than done, Arcades Sabboth was killed by a Planeswalker and presumably wiped from existence, and Chromium fell into a rift, so he’s gone for good as well, nothing to reanimate, I’m sure Bolas would have already done that had it been possible…

          • Leroy_jenkins

             couldn’t they still come back when we revisit time spiral?

    • Danclem37

      minus bolas killed them

  • Tim

     Well Bolas is confirmed, and now we have… Garruk, Jace, Chandra, Lili, and Ajani. Garruk and Jace look to be the same as their M12 variants based on the video, but Chandra, Lili and Ajani all have multiple options. Keeping the M12 walkers around for Ravnica may not be bad though, they’re still quite useful in the right decks. I feel like we are going to get the Red/White Ajani again though, which again, isn’t bad.

    Overall, this looks like a good start so far. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  • spikefeeder

    this is my guess

      Cathedral of War = land comes into play tap?
    tap to a one colorless
    RWtap:creaturs you control gain haste and vigilance till end of turn

  • Geoxisanblood

    Geoxis lives

  • 6 planeswalkers! woot

    •  likely not, only bolas will see the light of day here .. unless sarkhan and tezz follow him…

      • NateDawgAU

        Did you watch the M13 trailer? There will be 6 planeswalkers (at least…)

  • Wondersaw

    Anybody think we’re gonna see some Ravnica stuff reprinted in here, and maybe stuff from older tribals like Thrulls and Thallids that re-appeared in the original Ravnica block? 

  • Mjkravansky

    Wonder if the goblins and goblin related cards from M12 are relived in M13? 

    • Guest

       In the original Ravnica there were a bit of goblins in red/white Boros guild. I think they’re setting that up to bring goblins into being awesome again.

  • Djbloke

    as long as icol bolas is in this set i dont care what else is, maybe vengevine or dragonmaster outcast

  • Anthony

    I would be interested in this but… in MTG 2012, my 100% complete decks, campaign, and foil deck keys have all been recently deleted for no reason. i think i will pass on MTG 2013.

    • Trey Harris

      This is about the card game, not the video game.

  • Angrykid1988

    Rid us of Titans, bring back Boomerang and  Counterspell.

  • Austinbyers23


  • AttilaThePun

    I pretty much just orgasmed at ”
     Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker from the Magic 2013 Core Set. “

  • Thebiggerderp

    It seems like wizards is making 3 versions of each of the original power rangers. Note that there are only two ajanis as well as only two lilianas

  • Tillerman23

    Yeah, they still make Black pay for creatures an dspells liek they have Dark Ritual in the mix, Black isn’t fast anymore since they neutered it.  They need a Ritual card that gives 2 black mana for 1 black mana or something, cause black is slooow for the most part.

    • Trey Harris

      What sets have you been playing recently?

  • Sal I Am

    Ajani Vengeant?

  • I’m hoping they skip Birds of Paradise in 2013 and give us a new artwork in Return to Ravnica, the last time we got new artwork was the original Ravnica set, so it would be a perfect time for new art…

  • gorgen seems lame


    I say let M13 have a reprint of the Conflux Nicol Bolas, because I have an idea on how to play him no problem :)

  • Realpeoplebuffalo

    lightning bolt and unearth

  • Realpeoplebuffalo


  • Realpeoplebuffalo


  • Realpeoplebuffalo


  • Realpeoplebuffalo


  • Realpeoplebuffalo


  • Realpeoplebuffalo

    cabal therapy 

  • Exalted is coming back 

  • Ortero Victor

    is this fake? where does nichol bolas fit in with the storyline

    • Trey Harris

      Core sets don’t follow a storyline

  • woot new pc game on the way, sweeeet

  • STASIS, that is al…

  • Lonethief

    Black Exalted? Are they like, switching keywords between shards?

    • NateDawgAU

      Seems to fit with black “going solo” in AVR. White is all about “working together” so exalted doesn’t really fit with where white is going these days.

  • Danclem37

    kinda sad to see the original versions of chandra and lilly

  • Mickc

    guys you know you can cast nicolbolas with somberwald sage turn 4 you can cast him

    • NateDawgAU

      No you can’t. Somberwald Sage casts CREATURES only. Planeswalkers aren’t creatures.

    • Trey Harris

      Planeswalkers are now considered creatures too? Hell yeah!

  • wonder if bolas gets new art

  • Angrykid1988

    Exalted coming back?…Oh boy, did white really
    need the help? … I wish damnation was reprinted :/

    • Trey Harris

      It’s coming back…on black. Who knows if it will be on white or not.

      • Guest

         It’s on white also but i think mostly on black. Plus, who says you can’t use a black/white exalted deck?

  • xxx

     I’d say Fire Elemental would probably be included. On one of the screenshots it is featured with the new art made by Sławomir Maniak who joined the team during the Innistrad block so it’s a rather “fresh” card.

  • Cobra the Master Planeswalker

    I say ajani 3.0

    Here’s what he should do….

    Ajani, the game breaker

    +1) prevent all damage dealt by any source next turn

    +2) Gain life equal to the power of all your creatures you control
    -4) destroy all permanents target player controls, they gain life equal to the power of all there creatures

    • Magickid

      What is wrong with u. That would be so ridiculously op. NO!!

  • Magickid

    I think they should reprint slave of bolas so that u can kill indestructible things.

  • Guest

    Talrand shoul have Hexproof

  • Bigtopofun

    I hope for Great Wall!!

  • Szajba

    Duress made me cum :P.

  • guest

    need lightingbolt now. burn was never the same afterwards.  and it is NOT overpowered. 

    • Wisdomseyes

      what are you, high? Lightning bolt is totally OP!!!! 1 mana for THREE damage, 2 damage from shock is a lot more balanced


      Honestly, though, i cant think of any standard threat that need 3 damage to deal with in terms of creatures, 2 tends to be just fine (except maybe an undead messenger), so we are just looking what it does to the player. Of course, every damage counts when snapcaster mage is in standard, doesnt it. RU delver burn builds, or, more specifically, burning vengeance. 

      • Captmorgan96

        You still have vexing devil and thunderous wrath in standard one drop for 4 damage that you can fling or flickeri if your opponent chooses not to take the damage and possible one drop for 5 damage 3 damage is nothing plus lightning bolt can kill tokens it kills almost any human being played it kills delver it kills vampire nighthawk and just think of that with stromkirk captain still in standard

    • Bkkk69

      its overpowered

      • Wisdomseyes

        Your name makes me invalidate your comment on top of what I have already said. How can one think, I wonder, that shock is weak and LB is op… Outside if an unset, we can’t have 2 and a half damage.

        Lightning bolt is fair, and contrary to my previous comment, I wish it was coming back because of nighthawk. It won’t though, we got the 2 mana lighting bolt this set.

        • Guest

          Okay. From what you all are saying, your arguments are valid. A R spell that deals 3 damage to a creature is fine. The thing that makes Lightning Bolt insanely strong is the ability to target a player. You realize, that 3 damage is 15% of a players life total, right? Couple that with Shrine of Burning Rage, Shock, Galvanic Blast, Incinerate, Grim Lavamancer, Gut Shot…. LB would be ludicrous. Even without those, it is. We’re talking about a spell that sees play in Tier 1 LEGACY decks. And not as a one-of, either. Canadian Threshhold, for example, runs 4x.

          • Shim Izzet

             You guys are right to some extent, but we all have to realize the context in which we saw lightning bolt. The last meta in which it was included was still high curve casting creatures (titans, exarch, etc), all creatures outside of lightning bolt range. Wizard’s wouldn’t reprint a 3 damage, 1 cost removal spell if all the creatures they were printing were going to be mid range 2/2’s and 3/3’s again (innistrad block). Every creature that was played during the Scars/Zendikar meta passed the bolt test, with the exception of stuff like mirran crusader and caw blade stuff. People were saying the same thing about dismember as you guys say about bolt right now, because dismember forced people to play different creatures. The only reason bolt looks so tasty is because it would completely dominate the current meta, which is why it’s not reprinted.

      • Lonethief

        But its overpowered in a sort of charming way.

    • Captmorgan96

      Lightning bolt is just fine in this standard token environment that we are stuck in it doesn’t do a lot creature wise and any thing else being played is either for ramp or too big to die to lightning bolt and one more point of damage isn’t the end of the world get over yourselves it’s because of you people that we don’t have variety or originality in the decks we play

  • God Like

    Can’t wait for my suductive Nighthawks. Those things are so cruel if you play them against the right enemy. Well, actually, their great regardless. 

  • Circa89247

    Rod of nin is sweet but its a 6 drop :(

  • Darthtackle

    Kinda disappointed that jace is reprinted but understand why

    Guess were going to have 2 jaces in this set cause were geting one in return to ravnica

    Would like to see a new bolas

    • Fallenvash

       it is possible we may see a new bolas later in the set. very slim possibility. Bolas has some pretty strong ties with Jace, especially since Jace essentially all but destroyed the Consortium Bolas created. Ravnica was also one of the more prominent cells of the consortium, which Jace took over if I remember things correctly. Thus a chance for a new Bolas.
      There is also a slim chance for a new Gideon Jura, the last time he was seen in the storyline he planeswalked to Ravnica seeking any possible help with the Eldrazi situation on Zendikar, so he may be involved in the events set forth during the set.

  • minics4

    Lolol dark ritual i op lol if it get reprint it cost something like 50-150$!!

  • Quichemuncher

    5 bucks sez that each intro pack will have the maiin rare be one of the new legendaries like yeyva an odric and nefarox

  • FunWithCyanide

    Do any of you guys know if their reprinting Sorrin Markov? Thanks ahead.

    • Guest

      I don’t believe so. We’re getting a new Lili, instead.

  • The True Mumin

    Mana Leak. Come on. Cavern of Souls made countermagic significantly weaker. There’s no reason to not reprint it. But we got Essence Scatter/Negate, so… I guess all hope is lost. :(

    • Guest

       Mana Leak is kind of op.

  • Mithik

    This is such a disappointing set so far.. *sigh*. It’s awesome that the Crypt is coming back, and Sublime Angel is nuts, but otherwise. NOTHING (so far) is going to see play in any format other than casual.. 

    • Mithik

       sorry, forgot to realize that Nocturnus and Nighthawk are in this set. Vamps may come back (assuming that they get they’re burn-spells and dual lands back)

  • Fallenvash

    so far we have ten revealed mythics, a total of twelve known if you count the unrevealed new versions of ajanni and liliana. if it follows the previous core sets, there should be three more to reveal, fifteen in all.
    3 white, 3 green, 2 black, 2 red, 1 blue, and 1 multicolor this is including both ajanni and liliana.

    any guesses on what the other 3 may be? Which colors, types, etc?

    My personal theory is we will get another red that will most likely be a dragon. at least one other blue, maybe two, with severe doubts that we will get yet another time reversal reprint, since that has been in both M11 and M12. I am hoping for a Sphinx, but most likely we will get a powerful instant or Sorcery. There is a chance of another black if blue does not get two more reveals with that card most likely being a demon, or they may decide to make the first non-creature/Planeswalker Black Mythic in a core set.

    Then again there is a chance they will have 16 mythics this time to allow all five colors three mythics each, due to Nicol Bolvs screwing things up for everyone, yet again.

  • Ki Weet

    So does anyone feel that Kiora Atua will be released finally? Kraken Hatchling and a Leviathan? Seems Legit

    • David Fitzsimmons

       Nah, extremely unlikely for the Core. Keep in mind how many mythics we know about already, 12, core sets normally have 15 mythics so 3 more slots, maybe 4 if they want to go 16 and have a nice even 3 mythics for each color like they did for past core sets. Nicol Bolas is most likely the only muli-color in the set.

       maybe she will be released for Return to Ravnica, but even that is unlikely to me. Keep in mind they DID say that some of the new planeswalkers in those games may never become a card. But I have a feeling she may show up, especially if my hunch about a return to Zendikar in the future is true. It only makes sense considering the threat of the Eldrazi.

      • Ki Weet

        Ah, I didn’t clarify. I meant that she would make an appearance in Return to Ravnica. Just sort of referring to all the merfolk/levianthan/kraken action going on in the core set. I only have a hunch she may be appearing because she was on that big fancy poster they did awhile back annddd in the game. Plus (like I mentioned) all the crazy aquatic related things.

        /shrug/ It could happen. I have a feeling Zendikar will be visited soon as well. It seems that Wizards is going in reverse. It started to feel like it in Avacyn (which in my opinion felt like I was playing an older set in comparison to the rest of the innistrad block). I’m really excited that she might show up though. Her story is pretty interesting and she reminds me of a “blue” garruk. 

  • ivo rosa

    Yeah Rancor! Best pump ever!

  • Kay


  • my sides

    holy day should totally be reprinted

    • taemo

      Would someone want it partially reprinted?

    • for what purpose? 

    • BOSS

      holy day is for queers and blacks!

    • SimicRecluse

      It was, it’s called fog

  • Klangas1234

    New Ajani is awesome!

  • BluEyedDemon

     Why are they Reprinting stuff that came out last set? And for the Diabolic Revelation it should have been 4+X So searching for 1 still equaled out to a Tutor.

  • guesty

    red burn not oveerpowered… some1 isnt playing vexing devils and brimstone vollys …
    then again what about snapcaster and increaseing vengance ? in responce to thunderous wrath ?

  • Jansenhunt

    bolas is a load of bullshit, but the core set looks pretty neat.  i can’t wait for everyone to copy the next tourney deck! 

  • ikihi

    looks pretty cool.

    • landen cross

      talrand, sky summoner then worldfire

      • Corey R

        wont work

  • Angelshadowknight

    dark ritual should not be reprinted just because of the new lilliana posible lilliana turn 1 either from inni or m13 overpowered and blue proliferate works wonders with tamiyo i was able to use her ulti by turn 7 getting her out by turn 6 and milling some1 out by turn 8 all standard but i hate mill so im disbanding it and mill is way to strong now btw

  • Nathan_chow_1996

    are the dual lands still gonna be in this set?

  • forthelols

    Oooh, Diabolic Revelation looks like a sweet EDH card. Way to assemble combo pieces! Also another combo Omniscience and Null Profusion/Recycle. Basically play your whole deck! Academy Rector says I want this card!

  • Rootzweir

    Sublime Archangel: Other creatures you control have exalted.(If a creature has multiple instances of exalted, each triggers separately.) So +2/+2 with exalted on the same creature never happens? Not sure im reading that correctly.

    • Guest

      A creature attacking alone gets +1+1 for each creature that has exalted. you cant have it twice for one creature with that ability, that would be like having double double strike.

      • Guest

         In Duels of the Planeswalker it uses exalted twice if the creature has already exalted

  • guest

    Ahhhhh is Birds of Paradise or Mana Leak gettin’ reprinted??

  • ASDF

    Tierras dobles… por fin!

  • Pepe

    Rancor aggro =).

  • zekthan

    anyone else crap their pants whith happyness when void to nothingness was spoiled?

  • Kick your faces

    i think they should NOT do titans and reprint the swords

  • HedronMyr

    Nice to see the M10 dual lands back again.

  • Feer Lito

    nice reprint mutilate, monoblack will show great power, then until october, with lashwrite and vault skirge, will be a nice playing again, and things like duress, phyrexian obliterator and undying… very nice, well i whant lightning bolt comes back because red will be weak with this things, need more power.

  • djjd

    a very disappointing set so far

    • sponge

       how very 2 dimensional of you.

  • Maxevans2000

    oh wow this set is totally over powered

  • Juggernauut

    haha holy shit my sides you read my mind…gimme holy day and safe passage..and martial coup and i will be happy, since there are no longer any good white walls like wall of omens and reverence

  • Sfsdfds

    wasnt there a nessa shown on here a few weeks back? i wonder where that went…

  • Leo Raynald

    So that’s how this spoiler ends…

    I really dislike this CoreSet

  • guest

    where is ajani on the new complete spoiler?

  • HSciad92

    30% of all white cards cost exactly 4 mana. what the hell is up with that . 

  • The One

    Am I blind, or was Birds of Paradise not in there?? And I just got some hoping they would be reprinted…

  • Derp

    It appears they’re nerfing red quite a bit… more expensive demolish and blaze, along with non-regen-blocking incenerate. But hey, 1 mana artifact removal is nice. Plus Worldfire sounds fun.

  • Mrrodrigusc

    Terra Stomper FTW

  • Is it just me or does red suck in this set?

  • blue just needs to be balanced like black , white and red because blue has many answers to a lot of plays. plus the greatest blue one drop evar.

  • BOSS

    MTG is the most queerosexual bullshity game ever invented

  • Charliemorton

     i love switcheroo

  • bacon


  • Ahogan4367

    There are several infinite mana combos in the standard format… Tamiyo, omniscience, battle hymn. 

  • Magic Girl

    I want alot of cards 

    • Lonethief

      I want the alot as a card

  • Lonethief

    This comment chain… too long! suffocating.. me. .  . *bleh*

  • Stefb06

    Missing Jayemdae Tome? 207/249 between Gilded Lotus and Kitesail