Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord

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Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord gets +1/+1 for each creature card in your graveyard.

Red ManaGreen Mana, Sacrifice another creature you control: Each opponent loses life equal to the power of the sacrificed creature.


  • O_O”

  • blueisoverrated

    this card is great, but it feels like the wrong colors. it seems more appropo towards white blue mill. green black doesnt have many mill cards, though it has more creatures, i just dont think it will see constructed play.

    • Megablaster326

       well dredge was the old golgari keyword and the new guild keywords are supposed to be similar to the old, leads me to believe some new for of self mill will be introduced to b/g

      • blueisoverrated


    • Blue and Green are the two mil colors l in Innistrad block (Blue is obvious, green has mulch, tracker’s instincts, splinterfight, ect.)
      Not white…

    • Issam Thegatherer

       I don’t think so…
      This is much of a Rock Deck behaviour than i’ve ever seen.
      Very controllish and a lot of value from that card. It’s an EDH master as the games go long and you may cast it for a huge 10/10 or whatever.
      The only problem, i guess is that you can’t benefit from the get-back-into-hand ability as when he dies, he goes straitforward to the command zone.
      Btw, played with a wurmcoil engine that will get path to exiled or oblivion ringed is the best thing that could happen to you, sac’ing it dealing 6 and popping 2 tokens. Hopefully, you run a glissa the traitor and get back the wurmcoil and do that again !

      • Zimmer Remmiz

        I’m going to run him in my Mimeoplasm deck, I’d say he’s not the best choice as Commander, but can play a fantastic supporting role…

  • BangaaBrute

    My U/G/B deck keeps getting better. Spider Spawning is great with this.

  • Jamesrobbins2323

    that seems only a little bit awesome…….. ok its pretty damn good……….. ok its amazing for 4 mana its pretty amazing

  • Disk3001

    maybe the rise of GB zombies? I mean this + Geralfs Messenger is TONS of damage(+Rancor)

    • Jeff Moreau

      Man, that’s just really rough mana

      • Tim

         Running playsets of dual lands and evolving wilds could help, as could cards like Arbor Elf. It’s definitely a viable option with the right draws, but it would certainly be tricky.

    • Rakdos Jarad

       My Splinterfright deck is becoming BUG Zombies (Splinterfright will be the only non-zombie, and possibly Blood Artist). Jarad, Ghoultree, Gravecrawler, maybe Grimgrin, Diregraf Captain. Thank you Transguild Promenade and that Lantern for making 3-5 colors more than viable in Standard!

  • more commander gold cant wait

    • Jamesrobbins2323

      I know the first thing I thought of was lord of extinction… A small one in edh is maybe… I don’t know…. A 15/15…… Seems good

  • Augusto Goncalves

    g/b will certainly be a deck when ravnica comes out but…. the G/B and G/B guilds will be in the same set so junk will possibly be dominant like it was in the original ravnica when the set first comes out

    • Zimmer Remmiz

      I’ve been running G/B since Dark Ascension, and have cracked quite a few skulls during that time, RTR is only going to make my deck more and more powerful…

  • Lonethief

    Niv-Mizzet vs. 4-mana Lord of Extinction/Fling hybrid.

    • Zimmer Remmiz

      I’m going to have to say Jarad…

  • Lol

    There is missing info in that card… the ability is actualy 1BG, and he has 1 more ability: Sacrifice a Forest and a Swamp: Return him from the graveyard to your hand.

  • Ethral

    When I looked at this card at first I thought it was pretty good then I remembered splinterfright, A: both only gain power/t for creatures in the graveyard.B: Splinterfright feeds the graveyard and, had evasion aka trample. Jarad can feed the graveyard with sacrificed creatures aka a fling or lands.  Seems a need of creeping renaissance/gravecrawlers is the only choice of card advantage for these methods in standard.

    • Rakdos Jarad

       Ummm… Jarad and Splinterfright (and Ghoultree potentially) in the same deck…

  • Korros

    hmm, this with Dryad Arbor

  • Reaganichfield

    any good in loam pox? 

  • Retpally0008

    no one besides me see the messenger blood artist jarad combo? 

  • Justindycus

    …. ok…. i am suprised at the fact that you guys are thinking …hmmm strategy….hmmmm……….  death’s presence worldspine wurm and gerad…. and to the person who i know is gonna bring up mana cost….. it’s GREEN…… oh by the way…. i haven’t seen doubling season….. but…..even so ….running this in vintage would be just insane…… more mana production than you could throw at a baby…… and throw parallel lives and tutors in for sng’s 

  • Rakdos Jarad

    So, since the BG shockland is a Forest and a Swamp could I just sac that to pay the cost of bringing him back to my hand?

    • Lisa Melby

      no the shockland would count as one of the lands required

  • Nthrof

    Where is the actual art????