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  • Nick Christie

    0.0 wow

  • not bad o.o

  • Wired

    So we now get a god and demigod creature type soon.

    • Guest

      The last time we had gods was the Kamigawa block, and they had the spirit creature type.

    • Guest

      They may use spirits instead of gods like they did with the Kamigawa block.

      • I keep seeing this and it’s really a ridiculous form of logic. The only reason the kami were spirits is because Asian culture focuses on the divine and the spiritual intertwining.

        • Alexander Cotter

          Agreed, but i also think wotc will be afraid to put the G word on anything after the stupidity of gamers lately, one person actually demanded a refund for bioshock infinite because of the baptism in the beginning

    • Don’t listen to them, it’ll be Avatar like it was in Lorwynn/Shadowmoor block.

      • Guest

        Actually, that would probably b the best thing in regards to gods and demi-gods. Maybe we will even get something that pumps avatar’s!!!

        • i dont think theyll use god or demi-god as a creature type cause in the lore, they place the planswalkers as gods/demi-gods to certain worlds, so theyll probably just have spirits, avatars, or a whole new creature type none of us even know about :p

  • Peepeepoopoo

    Art is amazing. I seriously can’t wait for this block. I was considering taking a break from Magic but I can’t knowing this is around the corner. A Greek/Roman themed set? Sweet Jesus.

  • sphinxy

    hope this takes place in valla

    • Sounds like “Theros” actually, did you miss the fact that every intro set to a block is the name of the plane? Zendikar takes place on Zendikar, same with Ravnica, Innistrad, Alara, Mirrodin. Come on…

  • nekneth

    watch its going to be a lot like zendicar and the eldrazi just wait
    maybe gods fighting eldrazi

    • boki

      man if thats the case i would love it eldrazi all the way

    • jake

      hell ya :0

  • Chuubulus

    Urza didn’t die. He just went home.

    • demonsrock

      But his spark is inside Karn

      • and Urza is home.

        • TronLands

          I think Bolas took over urzas body, but urza was actually being controlled by karn, who had cast himself using the tron lands, and then Bolas left and gave the paradox created by urza and karn to his nephew niv mizzet and then niv mizzet destroyed alara and blamed it on bolas.
          But what do I know?

          • THIS.

          • Beejaholic

            THEN WHO WAS PHONE?

          • Rererak

            Wait I thought Bolas took over the 90% dead Tezzeret’s body, not Urza’s. Speaking of, wonder of the half gauntlet is part of Tezzeret’s mechanical arm >-D I mean, Jace removed that as well, did he not?

          • Darkcouch1

            SPOILER: maybe Tezzeret is actually Ed Elric from Full Metal Alchemist, and bolas took him over at “the gate” when Envy(I believe) killed him. I mean that would explain his mechanical limbs, and also there is alchemy in the universe of MTG

          • Mattattack51

            There’s also Forbidden Alchemy!

          • AUTUMNWULV

            My brain just exploded.

          • nova

            The are was made of etherium, not a gauntlet. it was still in the form of his removed arm.

          • nova

            You obviously do not read Mt;G lore. If you did, you would realize everything about your statement is false.

          • You disgust me.


          • Belias22


          • MtgMind-Welder98

            But wait…what? From what I read there was a big war in Urza’s and Karn’s plane, and the war was so bad Urza gave the spark and Karn killed everyone using it(I believe) so the war would stop. No one survived, including Urza, except Karn with the spark. He then went to Phyrexia to save the plane using the spark, but then became corrupted by Keth and Glissa. Heres a photo.

        • William S. Miller

          Inside Karn’s belly

      • Karn is something of a special case. We don’t know if both the Might and Weakstones are Urza’s spark of it only 1 of them are. We know that Karn sacrificed the spark he had to Tolarian rifts. We know that Venser gave his spark to Karn to save him. We don’t know if Glacian’s unflared spark is still dormant inside Karn and we know that the engine of the Weatherlight that sucked up Serra’s realm is powering Karn.

        • Hersan Vargas Rojas

          I fact, Karn can planeswalk because the Legacy arts inside him. Karn is not a real planeswalker anymore but he has a lot of artificial planeswalker powers.

      • herpage

        Actually the spark inside Karn was corrupted, he replaced that spark with Venser’s when he gave it to him right before he died.

        • Jaime Rene Young

          Karn sacrificed urza’s spark to seal the rift over the tolarian academy.
          That’s why he wasn’t immune to the phyrexian oil and he got corrupted
          in the first place and why venser gave him his spark. Karn never had a
          spark of his own.

          • Voice of Reason

            ah, but urza’s spark wasn’t urza’s either, he recieved it when the golgothian sylex fused the mightstone and the weakstone with his eyes, granting him the spark that originally belonged to glacian, who infused himself into the stone[which was split] to prevent the phyrexians from invading for a few thousand years

      • RogueShadow77

        No Venser’s spark is inside Karn.

        • Jace Beleren, Mind Mage

          yes, the story is “Karn Planeswalked to Mirrodin where he found the Praetors took over, after sealing the phyrexian rift, he lost his spark and was imprisoned, later on Koth, Venser, and (i believe) Elspeth find Karn venser transfers his spark to karn to LIBERATE him, in doing so, Venser died, and KARN was LIBERATED (hint hint)”

          Thus the tale
          and Jaime (the above post), Read the books again… seriously

      • Jaime Rene Young

        Karn sacrificed urza’s spark to seal the rift over the tolarian academy. That’s why he wasn’t immune to the phyrexian oil and he got corrupted in the first place and why venser gave him his spark. Karn never had a spark of his own.

      • zero

        Karn’s spark is the collection of power from the legacy

    • Ben Meszaros

      I would give all of my dollars to make this happen.

  • BennyBoy7

    I think I just peed a little….

  • N Blackmore

    As much as I love MTG, a Greek Roman flavor is something I see as a huge disappointment

    • Reasons ?

      • BennyBoy7

        No reasons, he just wants to be different….

        • N Blackmore

          I don’t know, I might just lack the vision necessary to appreciate it… I’m into magic more for the overall story, art and the likes… I’m not saying this set will be a disaster, it’s not my place to judge and they probably know what they are doing better than me. I just have a hard time imaging toga wearing planewalkers to sum it all up. If I hurt anyone’s feeling, apologies

          • was innistrad bad too for being gothic horror themed?

          • N-blackmore

            The last set is not as much horror themed as a set-scale divine vs demonic duel decks… But I get your point on the overall block. It has nothing to do with that though. Forget it. I was not looking towards starting an argument.

          • f


          • AUTUMNWULV

            It all about whars big and on people’s minds. Percy Jackson, 302, and other movies and stuff.

    • I was actually disappointed that MTG stopped building stories related to the real world, I thought those elements gave the game unique flavor but R&D obviously didn’t see it that way.

  • dsdsad


    • Anonymus

      Unfortunately instead of god creature type they may give them the spirit creature type like in the Kamigawa block

  • Oh man this looks so amazing. Greek/Roman theme Magic is so cool. I can’t wait.

    • bob

      probably not roman, the name is greek not latin

      • *Latin…

      • the code names for this set before the spoiler were friends for theros and then other two were romans … and countrymen they spoiled however that the second set will be called born of the gods and the last journey into nyx…you are welcome

        • Zwulf86

          Well your logic kinda makes no sense but okay Greeks were more about there gods then romans were so born of the gods seems very greek and nyx was a greek goddess.

          • Dornith

            Ya, but keep in mind that to most people, the two are interchangeable. (I know they’re different, but most people don’t.)

  • Looks freaking awesome, I can’t wait to learn more…

  • kratos will be a planeswalker

    • Ordone

      Thatd be really stupid. Youre an idiot..

    • f


    • MyArmadaHasWurms

      ? who is kratos?

      • C4darkmane

        for 39 years ive been living next door to Kratos, Kratos? who the [email protected]~&( is Kratos

        • Mick Moore

          Smokie FTW!

      • KRAYTOS

        kratos is a psycopathical vengencefilled roidraged spartan from God o War. mostly he spends his time banging hot girls and killing people in a plethora of gruesome ways

        • AUTUMNWULV

          That is the most legit description ever

      • Cheazie Blackpaw Racatran

        He’s the Greek Duke Nukem

    • Andy Dondes

      Kratos? who the hell is kratos

      • go google it

      • Chrisisgolgari127

        Kratos is in the Playstation game called “God Of War”…he is BA

        • Kevin Sherry

          kratos is also in a game cube game called “Tales of Syphonia” it matters what game you play

          • Roeland Van Straalen

            that was a SICK game

    • jjjjjjj

      Kratos isn’t even really part of greek mythology. he’s just for the game

      • LeBaron

        As a matter of fact, Kratos *is* an ancient Greek deity. I believe he’s a personified concept. You should look it up on Wikipedia.

        • Anthony Hutson

          cause everything you read on Wikipedia is legit.

          • Nice…

            Wikipedia is an exceptional source, and is moderated for content by community members and admins 24/7. Any mistakes are caught almost instantly, and even if you doubt the material you read is in fact true you can always scroll down to the sources section of aforementioned page and find where the site got that specific info. Way to jump on the anti Wikipedia bandwagon though, excellent way to exercise independent and intelligent thought.

          • Levi Warren

            Way to jump on the pro-wiki bandwagon, is this what you got from Writing 102? Suddenly, we know everything when we hear from some nameless source that one of our favorite research forums is a legitimate way to learn. I’m not saying Wikipedia isn’t a good place to learn but it’s pretty ballsy to accuse one of jumping on the bandwagon when you’re the carriage drive on the opposing one. *trolltrolltroll*

          • Yes.

            You’re dumb.

          • Once again, nice…

            Oh dear. Does writing 102 stand out for you because it’s the farthest you ever got in life? I’m so sorry to hear that yet another incompetent fool has failed to stand against the challenge of a system orchestrated to accommodate the meek. “Some nameless source” is quite an amusing conjecture, as in reality most sources are cited from books published by named authors, who can be further scrutinized by looking up their published works. Better luck next time around community college kid ;)

            Oh, and anyone can name a bandwagon that doesn’t necessarily exist, so I will exemplify an epitomal scenario that illustrates my point, just so you can see how silly you look. Way to jump on the Cynical-about-everything bandwagon.

          • Not nice…

            The arrogance and lack of meekness in your retort is overwhelmingly senseless, vicious, derrogatory, and downright rude. Any source, group of community members, admins, etc. has the opportunity to have biases and differing opinions. I also find it hypocritical that you call the above poster cynical about everything and proceed to cynically bash community colleges. This, of course, is due to your assumption that the above poster attended community college. I hope that Wikipedia checks its facts before it makes statements more accurately and thoroughly than yourself. I hope that an individual with as little maturity, restraint, and respect as yourself is not a Wikipedia admin ( I am basing that judgement of your character by the words you have typed only, I hope I am not as accurate as I am assuming at this point). I believe that everyone deserves to be addressed with respect unless they throw that privilege away through blatant disregard for showing respect to others. Thank you for your time, I wish everyone a good weekend. On a more site-appropriate side note, I can’t wait to see what they are going to have in this Theros block! Even if Kratos wasn’t part of Greek mythology, he would still be welcome to Theros in my book! I am thinking Legendary Creature more than Planeswalker though… “Whenever Kratos enters the battlefield, Kratos gains awesomeness and all other creatures are 1/1.” Or whatever.

          • Pat Whitbeck

            >Discuss new Theros block
            >Wikipedia is terrible you uncultured swine!

          • PigCultureFTW

            this fat pig callign someone a swine.. you must have turned him on

          • Reading? Who reads these days?

            That’s too much text.

          • Anonymous

            My aren’t those some big words there? You’re mother must be proud.

          • Ryan

            15 days to reply… and you finally come back with a basic, immature, personal insult with no weight or meaning to it. Classy sir, well played. ;)

          • Bojangles

            Really now? You’re making fun of someone for using “big words”? I’ve always found it sad when people make fun of others for being intelligent. How has it become a societal standard among our younger people to make fun of people for something that should earn respect. Intelligence is not to be mocked, but instead respected. Not to mention you apparently can’t even use the proper spelling of the word “you’re”…it’s your, as in the possessive…not you’re as in the contraction of the two words “you” and “are”…

          • lol

            There is a large difference between a well placed application of a good vocabulary,and being pretentious……. >_>

          • GramMAR Freak


          • AUTUMNWULV

            Your words make my heart bleed. Please stop

          • Tard Hater

            YOU ARE A TARD!

          • Tommy DeLeon

            Actually, Wikipedia has been recommended a more competent source than most encyclopedias for the simple fact that most encyclopedias have college students write their articles for like 100 bucks.

          • wikiwinrar

            >source? let me guess…

          • Ludicolo

            >using greentext incorrectly
            It’s like you aren’t even trying

        • charon136

          He is a personification of Zeus. Kratos is one of the children of the nymph Styx who gave her children to Zeus to help him in his fight against the Titans

        • Hodor


        • Bam Bam

          Kratos is the personified concept of chuck Norris’s chest hair

      • Anonymous

        You’re wrong. In every way. EVERY WAY.

    • Shsjxjx

      Fuuck kratos

    • RogueShadow77

      Kratos is not an actual Greek God nor does he appear in Greek mythology at all. However kratos is a Greek word meaning power. (The more you know…)

      • Adam

        He does appear in Greek mythology he was in a group of Olympian deities called styktides with Zelos,Bia and Nike so he is not just a character created for the God of War series.

      • ObsidianVII

        he’s technically a titan and him and his brother Bia, power and force, are the ones who tied Promithius to the rock were he gets eaten by birds everyday. As far as I know that’s his only appearance.

        • Mark Smith

          this cannot be true, as you end up releasing him in the game. why would you be the one to tie him up to the birds, and then release them for the game’s sake? no way

          • Quinn Carrico

            I presume that’s exactly why you do it, for the game’s sake. It’s a video game so while it does it’s best to stay historically accurate to the mythos they are not obligated to have all of their decisions make sense. For instance; Kratos is a Titan, a predecessor of the gods who was born long before Zeus and Ares, but in the game series he is a mortal who becomes a god.

          • Savage

            1) the kratos in the game was a demigod, son of zeus and a human. God of War was essentially a violent retelling of the story of Hercules, or Perseus, gone horribly wrong. While GoW uses Greek myth as a foothold, it’s really only there for environment. Kratos the character who frees Prometheus, and Kratos the titan who bound him there are two seperate beings. It’s irony.

      • jake

        replace giant growth with kratos target creature gains +3 +3

        • mason

          TITANi-ic growth would be better

      • Zabadoo

        Pretty sure Luis was making a joke

      • Griffince

        Kratos (Greek mythology) is a god of strength and might, who appears briefly in Greek mythology long enough to make an impression.

        Kratos is the brother of Nike (Greek goddess of victory), Bia (Greek goddess of force), and Zelus (Greek god of rivalry). The four of them together were the first to stand with Zeus (Greek mythology) as he defended Mount Olympus from the god of monsters Typhon.

        This is a small, but critical role in Greek mythology, as the story of Typhon is a central myth of the Olympian gods. Kratos doesn’t play an enormous role in Greek myth, but his influence in modern mythology appears to be strong.

    • f

      stop saying that its getting annoying.

    • guilherme

      No, he won’t

    • Jace, The Mind Sculptor

      YOU FAIL SO BAD, you must have played too much God of War

    • f

      we know, please stop saying that

    • MTG God

      Are u happy!? Look all that mess down there!!

    • Kevin Sherry

      XD i hate this whenever i see kratos i think of tales of symphonia

  • guest

    I would love it if the set had more than a Greek or Roman feel. I would love it if it was like Odin vs Zeus vs Ra vs Shiva. That would be a great spin on the wars between the gods.

    • you just want Age of Mythology meets MTG, man. Just admit it.

      • me


        • guy

          no protoss

          • MANA

            no.. terran

          • f


          • Rererak

            Terran scum!
            Personally my preference in mythology is Norse over Greek and Roman but that may be because of Ragnarok. Or it may be because Zeus slept with every god and human with a skirt. And every other god was almost as bad.

          • Aldaris


      • umm, ya that would be all sorts of awesome. if done right. which Wizards is good at.

      • Yololo needs to be a card.

        • a) you’re retarded, yolo is a queer moto & b) good thing you only live once, not sure the world needs a face like yours twice.

        • Blake


          • blackbird


    • Problem being that wizards decided long ago that they would no longer associate things with real world occurances, so this set will have “similar” themes to roman mythology, but will not actually have charcters from our mythology.

    • Kahla Howard

      But Odin, Ra, and Shiva are not Greek or Roman…

      • Graymalkin86

        That’s why they said: “MORE THAN a Greek or Roman feel”.

  • dgeusz

    It has the word “Hero” in the title :0 Mind = blown

  • N Blackmore


    • Jaceon

      But Kamigawa (japanese themed block)+Ravnica made more sense?
      I think it makes sense, and I also think Boros players are going to be excited. Roman Legion anyone? Or maybe Athens=B/W? I think this set has a lot of potential.

      • Jaceon

        Meant U/W, sorry.

        • Shawn

          I see Spartans being more R/W

          • Alexander Cotter


      • Nefarox

        From what I’ve seen Kamigawa was a huge let down after the last Ravnica block as well (though many opinions may vary here). I personally loved the kamigawa block.

  • Phyrexian

    Divinity counters?

    • anon

      Inexorable tides?

  • Leonard LeBalnc

    does no one else think the physics of that guys arm looks weird? You can see by the shadow that the arm more to the foreground than the body and the position, torque of the torso, position of the other arm, and expression suggest that he is about to throw a god-spear into someones face but the spear is just chilling behind his neck in rnr mode.

    Also, I want that weapon to equipt to my Higure tron EDH, because it looks sexy.

    • BennyBoy7

      Wow… I mean, just, wow…. You obviously have WAAYYYY too much spare time on your hands, dontchya mate?

    • IncognitoJones

      Well, if you look at how his left hand is holding the spear, he doesn’t appear to be about to throw it. Usually one would grip the spear with the head and the user’s thumb pointing in opposite directions if it were to be thrown. If he were just stabbing something with it, the grip would be okay, but still awkward to go over the shoulder. I think he was out taking a godly stroll, spear over his shoulder (perhaps on guard duty), when something took him by surprise.

      Or, you know, trying to make a difficult billiards shot?

      • rawr

        No it looks more like someone threw a fireball or something at him and he’s dodging it

  • LeonFA

    I’m actually kind of picturing 5 Gods, one for each color as a leader of sorts. And for Planeswalkers, since we generally have 5 per block, Elspeth, 2-3 New Walkers… honestly I can’t think of an existing walker besides Elspeth that belongs on a Greek themed plane besides maybe Vraska. Definitely going to see some Krakens in this set too.

    • castaaMTG

      Espeth is still on mirodin fighting the phyrexians

      • Drusthyln

        elspeth left before venser freed karn. also wizards doesn’t care about timelines when then launch a new set in the story theros could be way ahead or before new phyrexia

        • Drusthyln


      • dave

        Elspeth is in Modern Masters derrrrr

    • Pedro Martins

      chandra is a good option, she seeks fredoom. a plane controled by god figures is a good place to do that, basically a white vs red mentality clash

    • sphinxy

      i think kiora would be a nice fit here. i agree that vraska would be giggle worthy here. but planeswalkers move between planes so belonging in a set i like seeing some out of place. tamiyo would be realy cool here or ajani would be interesting seing how we havent seen him in a block for awhile. a tri-colered sarkhan would be cool. and a new white/green planeswalker would be nice.

      • Ian Lasley

        Sarkhan could also make a nice card if he came back

      • Stuzal Iuday

        Wizards has commented saying that Tamiyo was not well received by players or readers as a character. Her abilities are amazing, but she became so limited in function (only in heavy-duty control) that she was not liked so much by others. I don’t think they’ll ever be making another Tamiyo, despite the fact that she’s one of the best walkers ever made, especially for superfriends (they over-commit to try to kill all the more “threatening” planeswalkers. Taymiyo goes -2, draws 10 cards, and then you drop a Supreme Verdict).

    • Dude, Vraska is op enough as it is, I’d hate to see an even more op version (is running vraska in a golgari edh deck)

    • Pedro Abreu

      Please make multicolored cards, It’s so boring when we have only 5 colours. People like teams, and they can profit with it, it’s not dangerous to make multicolored cards more often…

      • Derakk Lohellion

        You do know what block just ended, right?

    • nuclearwombat

      For five gods, I predict this:
      Blue: Poseidon/Neptune
      Red: Ares/Mars
      White: Hermes? Switch red and white?
      Black: Hades/Pluto
      Green: Pan or even the evil Gaea as an antagonist.

      • Craig Crowe

        white or blue could be mercury.

        • nuclearwombat

          white. Neptune is King of the Ocean.

      • slackercat

        White: Zeus/Jupiter
        Green: Demeter or Dionysus or Artemis

        • Anonymous

          Dionysus, the god of wine, with the power to get everyone completely wasted. I could run with it.

      • CapnBowen

        Why would Apollo no be by white, he is the sun and that is the symbol generated by plains.

      • Dornith

        They wouldn’t copy the gods exactly. At most they’ll probably take inspiration from them.

        Also, Greek mythology didn’t really have good and evil in the judeo-christian sense. Gaea was always motivated by something happening to either her or her children, and even the gods and “heroes” would frequently do things that is and were completely unacceptable.

      • megaman

        Poseidon for Blue? If we’re going to associate gods to Magic colours, I think Athena would be a better fit, seeing how she’s a goddess of knowledge.

      • M

        ATHENA FOR WHITE!!!!

        see elspeth?

        see the resemblance?
        also she’s a warrior godess.
        But really, i want two-color godwalkers

        • ghoulcaller

          I believe elspeth is actually supposed to represent Hercules bcus she is killing the hydra.

    • MyArmadaHasWurms

      I would love another Elspeth! as long as she is as cool as Elsepth Knight Errant!

    • Always like the fatties

      Wizards need to make kiora atua!

    • Mindheist

      Kiora atua is merfolk and there are merfolk on theros…..

  • Theros is Greek for Summer, there have been rumors about Blocks being seasonally themed coming up, perhaps this is the start?

    • Barrett Frost

      Good point adam connor with a cat as ur prof pic

    • StrangerJustPassingBy

      Yeah, first its Summer, next is Autumn, and then…prepare…Winter´s Coming! By the old gods, and the new: WINTER IS COMING!

      • Winter should bring back the Snow mechanic from Ice Age/Coldsnap, just to make it a little more frosty.

        • Eric

          so start stocking up on old ice age snow covered cards while they’re cheap

        • Swag

          That would be so cool.

          • anon

            Are we ignoring the pun?

        • Matt Abraham

          i would really enjoy this ^^^^^ as ice age was well before my time of play, and coldsnap was during my hiatus

      • DefinitelyNOTgreek

        So Finoboro is the 2nd, and himonaz is the 3rd set in the block?

      • Ludicolo

        I thought we already got Autumn with Innistrad.

  • ChaosPanda

    Return of the Titans.
    Gods Vs Titans.

    • lightningrod14

      …clash of the titans?

      • Barrett Frost

        …Remember the Titans?

        • RATMAN

          Denzel Washington Plainswalker?

    • >Gods vs Titans

      Theros is norse based

      • Dornith

        What makes you look at that picture and think, “Norse”?

        Theros is clearly a Greek name, and the person depicted is very clearly wearing Greek clothing.

  • Kintoun

    These gods should be rare/uncommon planeswalkers!! *0*

  • 5 gods and each one will be the colours of the enemy lands(Junk,american,RUG,BUG and RWB :) now that would be an awesome set

  • Pedro Martins

    i think that we gonna see chandra vs the gods. and i’m guessing that this block may be a kind of fusin of kamigawa and alara. a lot of legendary and multicolor cards

  • justindeltora

    hades black red plus more rakdos omg i think im gonna die

    • reprint Spy Network

      As far as I know, Hades is not a god but a place, i.e. Hell in Greek mythology. Only Disney choose that name for the bad guy in the Hercules movie because Pluto (which is the actual name of the Greek evil god) is, well, the name of their dog. Also, Hades was supposed to be cold not hot. So if there was a Hades in Theros, it should be Dimir-colored, I reckon.

      • justindeltora

        Pluto is the roman name for hades the underwold is the dominion of jades and is seperated into 3 parts tartarus elysium and limbo so no hades is not a place he is the lord of the underneath (literal translation)

      • Perseus2345

        Wrong Pluto is the name of the Roman form of Hades

        • Drusthyln

          Just because Pluto is the Roman name for the Greek god Hades does not mean he is wrong.

          • Alexander Cotter

            yes it does, he said Hadesis not a god wich is wrong

      • Johannes Carlsson

        Hades is a god and a place

      • Hades is a god in greek mythology, pluto is a Roman God.

      • Alexander Cotter

        Hades is the greek god of the underworld, Pluto is his Roman name, like Ares=Mars Posiden=Neptune Zues=Uranus ultimus maximus ect

        • Bear Grylls, Plainswalker

          Zeus=Jupiter. If you’re going to correct people, be correct yourself.

  • Akashortstack

    I think it might be a good idea for this to be an enchantment themed block. There have only been 5 printed mythic enchantments in magic so far, and many were big flops. Having actual competitive enchantments would be awesome!

  • judge2008

    this nwill probably be cooler than eldrazis

  • judge2008

    maybe instead of creatures only planeswalkers lol

  • aaron22

    I smell 3 things
    1. Titans return!! titans, greek roman theme, Hercules movie done by disney, need i say more?
    2. New chandra- she seems to appear when there is a conflict of greater power than her own, besides being a core walker (Lorwyn before things shifted, zendikar before the eldrazi took over) note how she shows up before s*** hits the fan leading to believe a new chandra will be in the first set. Side note the walker for the Duel of the planeswalkers is chandra meaning a new one is on the way (or a reprint of the old chandra)
    3. the only one not back by good, hard facts is New Bolas. He is the closest thing to a God that MTG has as the most powerful walker. he was not on the last plane but in the last duel decks. He appeared in the duels of the planeswalkers game yet, never made a reappearence. I believe we will see a new bolas in this set based on the idea that he is God-like

    • Hand of the Praetors

      They will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER reprint those overpowered pieces of trash, however i think that new cards not as overpowered based off of various Greek titans.

  • Jeru Roku

    Id like to point out that the codenames for the block were “friends”,”Romans”, and “countrymen”.

  • Nusder

    No Nephilim in Dragon Maze i think. But in a Block of Greek Gods!? 99%?

  • gizmo

    Ill laugh if it is similar to kamigawa

  • Tim Haines

    as long as i get a few 13 mana creatures im happy

    • Alexander Cotter

      actually i feel some big stuff for a version of re animator im working, will come from this block

  • L.L.

    Well to address the art related concerns, here’s my conjecture: The spear is behind his head because vice versa you wouldn’t see his face.

  • DomeMaster

    Hmm… Do you really think that there will be “Gods”, or just legendary creatures and planeswalkers…. Somehow I feel that if they were “Gods”, they’d be somewhat eldrazi-like legendary creatures….

  • ElvishBro

    My Expectations/ Guesses
    green: Satyrs,Centaurs
    red: Elementals,Cyclops
    blue: Merfolk-ish, Sirens, wizards (more than normal)
    white: Soldiers (lots), Oracles?
    black: Rogues, Imps, Demons

    • Nefarox

      I have a feeling we will see the return of warriors in this set (which would mainly be red and possibly white). I think the Minotaur creature type may also make an appearance here as well. Maybe also some pegasus and some leviathan/kraken to back it up.

      • the actual hellrider

        this makes sense. you also have to take into account that sets compliment each other. Theros block will work fantastically with RTR block. G/W already has centaur tokens, R/W has cyclops and soldiers, and G/B has zombie elves and gorgons. R&D isnt stupid, they set up blocks this way for a purpose. Theros will directly interact with RTR

        • Nefarox

          Since RTR didn’t have many cards that pumped specific creature types, I think it will mean there will be a bit more of a free range for what kinds of creatures will be in each colour (at least from my point of view). There still will be alot of stuff to go with the RTR block and I am almost 100% sure we will see the creature types you mentioned as alot of them also seem to go with what we have seen for the theme of this block and link in to the RTR block.

          • i think the return of BOP will help and i think either nissa will return or we will see a new green PW.

          • Nefarox

            The return of birds would be amazing, and I for one would really like Nissa to return. What I want though is for a green-white planeswalker.

          • Dustin Hope

            But they said there will be no elves in Theros.

    • Andy Dondes

      One: oracle is´nt a creature type. You already seen wizard creatures named oracle. Second: Do´nt forget gorgons. minotaurs pegasus basilisk and cockatrice!!!!!

    • ghoulcaller

      red: minotaurs

  • Nikorocker

    Leonida planeswalker… This si Sparta

  • bbuncher

    Legendary themed? Like Kamigawa, only less underpowered. I could see a return of Grandeur and Divinity Counters

  • yendis

    just give a snapcaster a scepter and a crown and it deserves worshiping

  • justindeltora

    I see hellrider having an excuse to come back in this set

  • jeff n-k

    I think the picture of that guy is Pan the nature god. I also feel like that it’s going to involve centuars, minoutars, satyrs and cyclopsis. I also think there going to morph the common planeswalkers with gods like jace as poseidon, garruk as hephaestus, chandra as athena, lilliana as persephone and ajani being dionysus. Plus the legendary creatures are going to be the nine muses. And if they do morph gods and walkers they could make roman and greek and the storyline is they battle to see who is the real gods and goddeses.

    • BennyBoy7

      How is it that you can spell all the mythic gods names brilliantly (kudos), yet you struggle with the concept of there their and theyr’e?

      • Drillblade

        “they’re” kinda ironic…

    • xWARxMONGERx

      The Legendary creatures should be demi-gods like Achilles Red, Perseus White, Heracles Green, Orpheus Blue, and Cycnus Black.

    • Bear Grylls, Plainswalker

      They aren’t using the actual names and they aren’t going to morph walkers together. So stop. You’re wrong.

  • Elspeth Champion of MTG

    I’m not feeling but WANTING a new Elspeth. What Multiverse is she in?

    • guest

      She’s a plainswalker, so anyone she damn well pleases.

    • Qwerty

      Doesn’t all of magic take place place in the multiverse? I think the word you mean is plane. I think she’s still on New Phyrexia but I may be wrong.

  • Chrisisgolgari127

    I wonder what Planeswalkers will be in this set?

  • relaaaaax…

    i hope to finally have a set with normal cards. no more guild mechanics, no more too awesome stuff everyone must have, no more weirdass tribes of themes. just fun’ nice stuff with a bit of a greek touch.

  • relaaaaax…

    oh, and no more tons of tons of story and plot and stuff that dont matter to the real gameplay.

    • CORR

      Yeah, Gods forbid people actually wanna read, or experiment, or be interested in new things, right?
      Seriously, grow up.

      • relaaaaax…

        no, nothing like that. just that in rtr everything was about the guilds, and the story of the set, and id like some simple and normal magic set after all weird themes weve been through (phyrexia, innistrad, rtr).

        • Drusthyln

          thats what the core sets are for

          • CORR

            Exactly; sets are meant to expand on Magic’s rich and long history, meaning they bring story and characters with them. That’s been the entire point since Alpha. Core sets on the other hand, are full of basic cards and mechanics (Like Unsummon) for new players to understand, and to add padding to sets.

          • justindeltora

            Although it seems they are changing that because slivers need some explanation as to who what where when why and how much as well as why wizards why

          • sphinxy

            they might in explain that in the Wednesday arcana

          • Alexander Cotter

            i dont like the new slivers, they dont look lie slivers and they only effect your bored, may as well have brought back ally type in my opinion

  • just let WoTC run their course and we’ll see what’ll happen. Since this is all about mythological references i’m sure they’re gonna use a few similar principles from Kamigawa, and not Ravnica, or just completely new things from the blue.

  • I just hope they don’t make another Jace. =.=
    he’s been given enough attention for once. Bring back Sarkhan Val or something; Teferi, anyone!

    • shteveisacraker

      how about a re print of jace beleran i personally loved it, its wasnt overpowered and i mean its a three drop cant go wrong there. i agree with the new jace’s they printed way to many variants of him already what are we at now 4 and all back to back on top of that.

      • Well I still do love him, since he was my first Planeswalker I owned and used (Memory Adept). I just don’t want WoTC to risk in making him (or any of the other main 4) redundant. a lot of us would like to see more of WoTC’s full potential of ideas nd imagination.

        • Bear Grylls, Plainswalker

          If they used their “full potential of ideas nd imagination.” More different and interesting Blue walkers. Shut up. Go kill yourself, Jace sucks my nuts for money,

  • jake

    if the theros set is like a greek/roman with like these epic greek and roman basic lands that would be totally insane :D

  • jake

    anybody else wanna see a reprint of karn?

  • f

    thumbs up to emrakul VS. mystery god thingamobober

  • StrangerJustPassingBy

    I really hope they´ll finally do 4 colored legendaries, so you won’t have to go full 5 color to combine 4 colors in commander. For them to finally give the non-Alara 3 color pairs the support they deserve would be a thrill, too, but since they stated in some daily MTG articles that they dont plan to do two multicolor centered blocks to short after one another, let alone back to back, I guess chances are pretty slim for either of those to happen…

    • yodasodabob

      Wizards has stated that they will never do 4 color cards ever again

  • Urza as a planeswalker! how would that look like!!!!

    • Alexander Cotter


  • Guest 1

    I think that at one point if it is seasonally themed, that it will get to maybe snow cards again.

  • Wees

    Theros, where Eldrazi where born?

    • Squee

      No, the Eldrazi were born in the place between planes, the Blind Eternities.

  • Blade Millar

    Watch them print Kratos
    2 U/R
    2 Power

    2 Toughness
    Double Strike
    When this creature attacks, destroy target God or Avatar Creature

    • kracken

      yes i am sure theyll be making “god” a creature type! LOL!

  • theros is greek for summer….it translates, to heat

  • Gleb

    I’d like to see more white, red and artifact soldiers

  • Mishra


  • Jaryn

    I’ve been thinking that each of the colors would have a Legendary God. Zeus as White, Poseidon as Blue, Hades as Black, Hephaestus as Red and Demeter as Green.

  • Zwulf86

    I can see Kiora being in here she is a merfolk(Mermaids are in Greek mythos) she is all about leviathans and huge sea creatures(again some were in greek mythos,such as the Kraken).

  • Ty

    It will be better is they made Kratos, and a few other greek gods Guild masters that would be cool!

    • Ty

      or champions

  • DanielMoseley

    i think this set would be the coolest if these Gods were new planeswalkers, mostly multicolored, but a few mono, and their demi-god children be the awesome legends, along with the traditional mytho-monsters

  • sup.


    • Hello


  • Jacobsen

    I like see new Knigths in this expansion.

  • omicrom

    i wanna see hero of bladehold again in this block

    • Alexander Cotter

      wont happen in block, its too set specific, Bladehold is a place on mirrodin, might see it in a core set though, vastwood cards have popped up in m13 and they are set specific to zedikar block

  • Arris Arrad

    I’m hoping they mix in more celtic and germanic mythologies into it.

  • tarolin

    command cycle maybe?

  • Budoy

    Here are the list of the gods..

    First Gen Gods
    1. Nyx
    2. Erebus
    3. Eros
    4. Gaia
    5. Tartarus

    2nd Gen

    1. Aether
    5. Uranus
    6. Eris
    7. Ares
    8. Aphrodite
    9. Ourea

    3rd Gen

    5. Chronus
    6 Rhea

    • oh could we be getting some invasion cards back i wonder? or even urza’s cards? we might see a reprint of gaea’s cradle just cause its price has skyrocketed the past few months 6 months ago it was 30 dollars then the other day it was at 150.

  • MyArmadaHasWurms

    This set has great potential to be amazing! I hope Wizards doesn’t let me down!

  • MyArmadaHasWurms

    Reprint the fetch lands in Theros block? maybe add the color combinations of the onslaught fetches so we have all ten combinations like with the Shock lands?

    • Alexander Cotter

      They wouldnt do all ten, too much value, but they may bring onslaught ones back to make them modern lplayable

  • Andy Dondes

    This is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me

    I really hope that we get viking stuff-like berserker tribal decks! But what we really all want is a unicorn lord.

    • maslin

      sorry :-/ nothing non-greeko-roman related. trust me id but playsets upon playsets of valkyries and legendary wepons of the gods like brasingamen or mjolnier. but alas they aren’t to be.


    What I think they should do and what would be cool is if they have the Gods ally themselves with the Planeswalkers.

    Elspeth with Zeus
    Liliana with Hades
    Jace with Poseidon
    Garruk with Artemis
    Chandra with Ares

    Also each Planeswalker and God should have a spell on it that only activates when you control both Planeswalker and God.

    Elspeth gives creatures you control Lifelink, and Zeus gives when creatures you control deal combat damage to a player put a 1/1 Warrior creature token onto the battlefield.
    Liliana gives creatures Deathtouch, and Hades gives when creatures you control deal combat damage to a player remove target creature from your graveyard to the battlefield.
    Jace gives your creatures Unblockable, and Poseidon gives when creatures you control deal combat damage to a player draw a card.
    Garruk gives your creatures Trample, and Artemis gives when creatures you control deal combat damage to a player untap target land.
    Chandra gives your creatures Haste, and Ares gives when creatures you control deal combat damage to a player deal 2 damage to target creature your opponent controls.

    I know some may sound OP but these are only examples but I hope you get the point. I think this would be awesome.

    • Sumatra

      They won’t be using those names (walkers or gods) so all that typing for nothing

      • xWARxMONGERx

        You must not know what examples are. Not once did state these ARE the names Wizards will be using. I obviously do not know what names they will use, so I had to use the names I know as EXAMPLES. If you don’t have anything intelligent to bring to the conversation then please stay out of it.

        • Sumatra

          You said you want this and its actually horrible idea/examples so you should rethink what you wrote

          • xWARxMONGERx

            Again, No I never said I want this. What I said is “What I THINK they should do and what would be cool.” Think doesn’t mean want. What’s great about Threads is that everyone is free to have an opinion. You’re free to have yours but make sure you know when someone is just leaving theirs. Instead of trying to insult or bring someone down on a Thread, why not leave your own opinion on what you think Theros will be like.

          • Bear Grylls, Plainswalker

            The difference is that your opinion is stupid. you think it would be cool is basically saying that you want it without using those words, so that when someone calls you on it for it being a stupid idea, you can say “bUt i NeVa sEd i wAntEd iT n00bz! yOLo” to avoid being thought of as the idiot you are. They would never do something that stupid and downright irritating.

        • maslin

          they said that there will be three walkers in the block one being elspheth

  • mac

    winter is coming

  • Nordic92

    I could see Nimbus Maze (future sight land) get it’s cycle in this set. It’s ability is very relevant with the shocklands, and Nimbus has something to do with greek mythology.

  • Anoni

    Heads up for “Medea Planeswalker”

  • Joshua D. Fredette

    Heard rumors a new type of card, like when Lorwyn added Planeswalkers.

    • Bear Grylls, Plainswalker

      No you didn’t.

  • Azmo

    I’d love to see kiora as a planeswalker in this block I think she would fit in perfectly

  • SpentALotOfMoneyOnMTG……..

    Everybody wanting cards to return from Urza and older blocks…… Seriously? How unimaginative! Theros is a great opportunity for wizards to try something genuinely new.

    • maslin

      i agree, i hope to see what they come up with for the oracles of the river styx, oracle of defi, ect. also would we get some zodiac creatures as legendaries perhaps? draco the dragon, leo the lion, orion the hunter, ect. all of them pertaining to some god/goddess and getting a boost from their god/goddess being out.

  • tmoney

    It would be sweet if they sold Latin and Greek booster boxes for this set.

  • Thomas Beck

    Don’t forget Yawgmoth. I don’t think, he’s dead yet. He’s a deity, after all.

    • Falconfly

      Creative has gone far too many time out of it’s way to state he’s dead for real that these posts are not funny anymore.

  • Alexander Cotter


  • Sam

    Green White vs. Grixis. It must be.

  • Duke Daemon

    How funny would it be if it just turned out to be wizards’ crack at making another ‘Legends’ set? I mean technically speaking the art of ‘Legends’ was ancient looking. Who can forget all time favourites such as Barktooth Warbeard and Akron Legionnaire? I mean why else would they change the legends rule? Heroes vs Monsters is what ‘Legends’ block was but it had too many legends which were the problem. Now with the rule change its fixed! I can’t wait to see Gwendlyn Di Corci brought back!

  • darkmonsterccc

    will they add eldrazi

    • maslin

      how in da multiverse would eldrazi end up on theros to begin with O.o

  • Guest

    Guys, what if this guy is G/W/B? What if this is the enemy tricolor set we have been waiting for?

  • Tman1027

    Guys, what if this guy is G/W/B? What if this is the wedge set that we have been waiting for?

  • Spencer

    I tap 12 mana to play Jesus

  • DerEin

    Dack looks a hell of a lot like that God in the picture above him…

  • Haamzor

    I think the point is… That obviously they are printing NEW TITANS. Anyone else excited for that besides me?

    • Haamzor

      I mean come on, it’s about time they print creatures like the Titans from M12… They won’t be the same but they will each bring a bang I bet.

      • Bear Grylls, Plainswalker

        Stop, No. You’re wrong. They will not reprint the titans, and if they print new “titans” they will be more balanced by a long shot. And no, its not obvious, its just conjecture. From idiots. Like you.

        • Shadow921

          i completely agree with you and i feel like the primordials were a test run of trying to make more balanced titans besides that they are fun in edh

  • Christopher Brian Cluckey

    they should have colered atrifacts come back for certain relics ie a black helm of hades or something similar

  • Matt Abraham

    so what colors does anyone think Dack will be??

    • steve

      my money is on mono blue or blue white

      • Matt Abraham

        I dig the idea Of blue white older conversations alot people were saying he’s going to be blue and red but with ral just coming out I would really hope we wouldn’t get another blue and red planes Walker I seriously doubt that’ll happen

      • Falconfly

        There’s nothing White about him. He’s Red/Blue, and far more Red than Blue at that.

        • ElvishBro

          True, although I don’t wish for an Izzet style walker but more of a. Creature focused card advantage maybe…

      • maslin

        my money is on black blue or blue red but i highly doubt blue red because of ral. being a theif and the dimir being thieves i say blue black and probably 2-3

  • Vik Jeet

    Kratos shall rule them all!!!

  • sinyx

    I wonder if there will be a new renamed Lightning Bolt, or what burn spells will be in this. Lots of potential, need a good fun to play mechanic in this set.

  • Giovanni Benavides

    Theros = slow game and big creatures with artifacts power? :D

  • Machaka

    finaly an nice story I’m waiting for.
    Everything it will be…still a better lovestory then ravnica.
    Damn, I hate ravnica…nothing happens, no adrenalin, somehow boring cards…just big stupid city.

  • Jon

    So, who else is willing to bet Dack Fayden is going to be blue & white?
    Would someone care to give me their opinion &/or perhaps enlighten me a bit?

    • Bear Grylls, Plainswalker

      U/R That’s how he rolls.

  • Spanishtyphoon

    In Greek mythology it is thought that Zeus would have a son that would overthrow him. And Kratos is Greek for “strength” I believe.

  • Gilligan Isle

    Do you think Dack Fayden will be a Grixis Planeswalker (Just looking at him, he’s wearing U/R/B)

  • Vor Zanak

    i would like to think that the first picture art is 1 green casting sorcery that gets me a land at sorcery speed..

  • aureo

    wow, because of “KRATOS” everything’s got scrambled up.. hahahaha

  • jonathan tulloh

    is it just me or do reading the comments intrigue me more that the main article

  • Tövar Björn

    Who is kratos?

    • Anomalous

      Son of the titan Pallas and the goddess Styx.

  • Guilherme


    Who appear in Greek Mythology was Cratos, with “C”. Kratos with “K” means power, and he never was mention.

    I hope u guys got what i said… i dont really speak english

    • The Incomparible Mevi

      Wrong. In the Greek alphabet, there is no distinction whatsoever between the C and the K when making the same sound. Both would be represented by the Greek letter Kappa.

      • Dwight

        Wrong. Fact: Bears eat beats

        • AUTUMNWULV

          Wrong. Bears eat BEETS. I kinda wanna see new Titans that are in Allied color combos.

        • Jacob Paul Schmidt

          Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.

        • Jim

          Fact: Black bears are better than brown bears.

          • David Goodman

            Wrong Polar bears aren’t black

          • MtgMind-Welder98


        • Damagak

          This man is a hero

      • Xanthrid Demon

        can we just agree the set looks awesome and if Kratos or Cratos shows up it doesnt matter because there will be cards will be based around hercules, medusa, Perseus and other great hero’s and monsters the hydra I think with all the token cards as its heads will work great

        • The Incomparible Mevi

          I do agree with you. I just get annoyed with people that want to jump on how wrong others are when they don’t have all the facts themselves, is all. Just a pet peeve, I guess.

    • Anonymous

      No you don’t, do you?

    • GreekArtProf

      Cratos is just an Anglicizing and Romanitzation of the word Kratos and is not part of Greek literature at all (no hard “C” sounds in Greek, they are identified with “K”s or ‘Kappas’ only). In Greek, both the mythological hero and word meaning power is known as “Kratos.” Now you know :)

      • GPA

        As a student of Koine Greek…there are two separate letters that make the hard C sound – there is “Chi” (looks like an x) and “Kappa” (looks like a k). So technically it could be either. An example of this is “Christ” from the greek word “christos” written: chi rho iota sigma omicron sigma (xroistos) or “charis” written: chi alpha rho iota sigma. The chi is transliterated often as a C and kappa as a K. But inscriptions can be altered or mistaken when copied…so Kratos could have originally been Kratos or Cratos. I do not know much about that subject.

        • C

          In Classical Greek however there is no distinction between a Kappa and a K/C notation, therefore Kratos would be the Hellenic spelling, and Cratos either a latinised or anglicised version of the word, e.g. Kreon (Kappa, Rho, Epsilon, Omega, Nu) goes to Creon in an anglicised text.

    • André Fortin

      Kratos = Cratos = Male force and power
      Nike means Victory
      Bia = Female force and power

  • The Incomparible Mevi

    This block is gonna be sick. I’m already hoping to make a black medusa deck (and while I know that Medusa was only one person in Greek mythology, in our current lexicon the term “Medusa” is used as a name of the entire class of mythological species, rather than the original name of “Gorgon”, which now has a completely different meaning. Gotta love living language).

    • JOn

      I may be misunderstanding you, but they do have a “Gorgon” creature type, you know…

      • The Incomparible Mevi

        Realized that after I wrote the post. Just recently got back into Magic.

    • maslin

      im hoping for some decent harpies

  • Matt Stone

    God damn I cannot wait for this. This is going to be massive!!

  • Juan

    Daybreak Coronet please!!

  • Andy Dondes

    i don´t get it will heroes be a card type?

    • DerEin

      Only for the prerelease. I suppose a new format might be created to include them, but I doubt they will affect standard.

      • JOn

        They’re bringing back the old format “Vanguard” except switching it up a bit with these “Heros” instead of insanely powerful cards with static abilities.

      • Shadow921

        accually you get one at the prerelease and one at release and cant use
        them until game day

    • JOn

      From what I can tell they’re using the old format, Vanguard, except the Vanguard cards are now “Heros” & have tap abilities rather than static abilities like the old format did.
      So just look up the format “Vanguard” & you’ll understand.

  • imperator95

    Hercules xD

  • Barron Lee Rickert

    I hate to sound ignorant, but where are we getting Urza from all of this…?

    • Falconfly

      Urza is dead, so no. Creative has stated again and again that dead characters do not come back to life.

      • James Hess

        contrary to popular belief, were looking at you Goku, falconfly is right, dead characters do not come back to life

      • Barron Lee Rickert

        I know, that’s why I was asking where people were pulling his name from.

  • Kyle

    snapcaster reprint or suck

    • maslin


  • yousquiddinme

    I hope this Elspeth is as good as the other 2.

    Favorite planeswalker.

  • Serith

    What the heck is with these Hero Cards or Elite Creature cards or hell, the back of the MTG card itself? Are they serious? They are thinking of messing with the fundamentals for the sake of the theme? I swear to god if they do something like that I will skip this block altogether and pray they come to their senses otherwise I am officially done.

    • ICARUS888

      Nothing really new. Those will be like the old vanguard card (oversize), they are not to be shuffle in your deck and don’t affect the “fundamentals”.

      The mechanic is interesting as you have 1 of those card aside of your deck to support it.
      Though I hope they do more than those common Heroes, something like the mighty cards from Vanguard !

  • Aaron

    I think everyone is wrong chronos should be a planeswalker he is the Greek god of time

    • igor

      Chronos wasn’t a God he was a Titan
      Gods and Titans are superior to Planeswalkers

      • maslin

        says whom?

  • D:

    i jizzed….

  • Spencer

    I would like to know how they resolved things in Mirrodin before they put Elspeth in another story

  • Alexander Knopf

    Troll nerds troll!

  • Thatguy

    Think there will be a new 5 color legendary creature like progenitus?

  • Kheremos

    Wow, most people posting to this need to chill out, because as far as I can tell, there’s no Trolls in Theros.

  • EllielBrandlethorn

    Nice comment. LOL, but, anyhow, I think they might bring back the champion mechanic. They do mention a mechanic that they re bringing back, one that didn’t get too much of a response. Also, fingers crossed for the future sight thing that they haven’t done before being enchantment creatures!

  • whynot?

    wtf does any of these comment have to do with the new block?

  • Sabisent

    So, a new permanent type… would someone mind telling me how the old Vanguard worked (and by extension, how these will work)? I am guessing it is something like you start the game with them…

  • cabeza


  • Thrun

    Look at you nerds talking about your card games while a Pandora jewelry advert is directly above you. As if you get ladies. Can you believe this is the third hit for google when you search Kratos? Turns out its a video game character too. Nerdage all around.

    • FuzzyKittyBark

      Thrun. definitely a troll.. probably not the last though

  • Rowan

    I don’t understand how this set works!!

  • Filip

    Hephaestus will be new Stoneforge Mystic if you know something about Greek mythology

    • James Hess

      and he will be crippled

  • Derp

    Onslaught Fetchlands getting reprinted?

  • Mark Perez

    Kratos are salty chips :)

  • pelle

    kratos actually means country

    • That One Guy…


  • Jordan

    So there’s two black deities? No love for red…

    • Kevan Kramer

      There is not two black deities, just one. Red will have a god named Nyx, Goddess of the Night Sky.

      • Tyrannödle Kung

        I’m guessing that’s a multicolor one. A creature floating in space doesn’t feel red, especially not in comparison to the other very color-heavy ones.

        • Kevan Kramer

          I do again with you there, but they did say each color will have there own god. And there is five gods….so that would put Nyx as the Red god.

          • maslin

            aries god of war could be coming yet maybe his art hasn’t been released

          • Quinn Carrico

            Mark Rosewater has established that they will be creating their own pantheon of Greek-themed gods rather than use pre-existing gods. This is why the goddess of the sea is Thassa instead of Poseidon and why Erebos has taken the place of Hades.

          • That One Guy…

            Never said that… they never released how many minor or major gods each color may or may not have, and it could be a colorless or multicolored god as well as being another minor or major black god, or the creator of all the gods.

        • That One Guy…


      • That One Guy…

        Dumb! Nyx is NIGHT and SKY! Two very NON-RED THINGS! Figure it out and PAY ATTENTION!

    • Quinn Carrico

      What no one seems to get is that the picture called Nyx, Goddess of the Night Sky is actually a second picture of Thassa residing in the godly realm of Nyx. If you look, the goddess pictured is holding the same staff as Thassa. This is explained if you watch the SDCC panel which has been posted online.

      • That One Guy…

        You are SO STUPID! It is clearly not the same staff. Why are you so stupid? Anyways, Thassa
        does not even look like that and is blue anyways why would she be in
        the freaking sky? Nyx was also really in Greek mythology: “(Nyx) Is the
        Greek goddess (or personification) of the night. A shadowy figure, Nyx
        stood at or near the beginning of creation, and was the mother of other
        personified gods such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thánatos
        (Death). Her appearances in mythology are sparse, but reveal her as a
        figure of exceptional power and beauty. She is found in the shadows of
        world and only ever seen in glimpses.” This “Nyx, Goddess of the Night
        business has also been confirmed by WIzards and other sites. And also
        why would there be like a secret god hang-out/chatroom? That is pretty
        freaking insecure of the gods to have a private chatroom.

        • Quinn Carrico

          Nice job posting the same comment on two of my own comments, I totally wouldn’t have noticed the first paragraph or so of ignorant blathering.

  • Matatabi

    Omg enough with the “Kratos is or isn’t a real god” crap….he was depicted in a video game which means if Wizards of the Coast put him on a card they would be sued for copyright infringment. Also, he has NOTHING to do with Magic the Gathering.

    • Anomalous

      Depicted in a video game or not, if the name sake is in the public domain, they can re-imagine the character. So long as they do not use the Video Game likeness, there is absolutely no provision in US copyright law that would prevent them from freely using a public domain character even if a protected derivative already exists. WotC is safe to freely use him.

      As to him having nothing to do with MtG? Agreed, but only until the creators deem that he should, then he does… Thats the great thing about having a constantly expanding multiverse I suppose. They are limited only by the power of their imagining, and not your arbitrary limitations.

  • unknown assailant

    kratos is overplayed and should be banned. that said, a common theme among greco-roman myth is prophecy. could probably expect scry, and fateseal in particular. the stygian witches reminds me especially of fateseal. i imagine a land capable of scry or fateseal 1, with respect to delphi. medusa used a bow in common myth, so a gorgon with deathtouch capable of tap prodi sorc damage is possible; if you doubt me, imagine the commons of today if they existed prior to antiquities. op max. or the awesome creats in blocks and formats that were plagued with good removal and its basicly an improved assassin anyways.

    • maslin

      gorgons with reach

  • eosdop

    If you watched the god of war 3 making of videos, Stig (creative director) says himself that kratos was an actual character in greek mythology.

  • Neanathor

    Maybe someone else as pointed out, but there is the white, blue and black gods, then there is the god of hunt possibly associated with green and there is Nyx…. (for those who dont get it, Nyx seems like its definetly not red)

    • Deities

      It is possible to have two gods in one color. There is one merfolk god in the art, though I’m not sure myself if that is a god.

    • Quinn Carrico

      My theory there is that the website screwed up its info. If you watch the panel, Mark Rosewater mentions Thassa and her staff and immediately goes to the picture of Nyx, saying that Nyx is a godly plane (the night sky) in which the gods can reside. This suggests that the god/goddess pictured in Nyx is actually Thassa as she is carrying the same staff as she is in an earlier picture.

      • Quinn Carrico

        Correction, this information was provided by Jenna Helland, concept leader for Theros, at the the SDCC panel

        • That One Guy…

          It is clearly not the same staff. Why are you so stupid? Anyways, Thassa
          does not even look like that and is blue anyways why would she be in
          the freaking sky? Nyx was also really in Greek mythology: “(Nyx) Is the
          Greek goddess (or personification) of the night. A shadowy figure, Nyx
          stood at or near the beginning of creation, and was the mother of other
          personified gods such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thánatos
          (Death). Her appearances in mythology are sparse, but reveal her as a
          figure of exceptional power and beauty. She is found in the shadows of
          world and only ever seen in glimpses.” This “Nyx, Goddess of the Night
          Sky” business has also been confirmed by WIzards and other sites. And also why would there be like a secret god hang-out/chatroom? That is pretty freaking insecure of the gods to have a private chatroom.

          • Quinn Carrico

            This is why I was hesitant to post anything at all. People like you are so bullheaded they refuse to accept any information that conflicts with what they personally believe to be true. Did you even watch the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) Panel? If you bothered to watch the video, which is the official source of Theros information as it was led by Mark Rosewater, they discuss the FACT that Nyx is a godly realm rather than goddess. If you recall Mark Rosewater also said that Theros will be an interpretation of Greek Mythology, hence the creation of new gods/goddesses rather than using existing ones. Check your facts next time before calling someone stupid. Btw, I already knew Nyx was a Greek goddess while you don’t seem to be aware of a pre-existing godly “chatroom” known as Olympus.

  • GriM

    With all due respect, aren’t we supposed to talk about the Theros block instead of Kratos? Lol.

  • TG3

    all of you all are wrong. he will not be in this. it is based on the mythology. not the mythology itself. Suck it NERDS!!!!!!

    • Cob Khuraibet

      Why is mtg awesome? This discussion

      • Cody Starner

        Wrong. This discussion is awesome because of mtg, not the other way around. Gandalf was pretty clear about that.

        • Cob Khuraibet

          You’re right. I had it backwards!

    • Sindre Fredheim

      “it is based on the mythology, not the mythology itself”… seriously? you just said that it was based on something, not the thing it is based on… WTF??

  • Random Comment

    WTF is frank doing on this page

  • Trail Blazer

    This might as well be a Reddit post with all the nonsensical, off-topic arguments going on between those of higher education/intellect, and the #YOLO kids of Youtube and Facebook.

  • Jordan

    So who’s the red god?

    • Bennyboy

      Purphorous, God of the Forge

  • Alex Kelléyan

    Hydras, sphynxes, minotaures, centaures, etc… …MTG alwayes had these elements, so this will be interesting…….

  • Brandon Sauer

    Nyx is not a God; someone needs to learn how to listen.
    Nyx is the realm of the night sky, where the gods appear to mortals in their celestial forms and tell their stories.

    • Quinn Carrico

      I’ve been saying the same thing all along, finally someone else who pays attention.

      • Kevan Kramer

        Then why does it say “Nyx, Goddess of the Night Sky” under one of the art pieces than? This piece is where the other god art pieces are.

        • Quinn Carrico

          Because the website posted false information. If you watch the SDCC panel they explain that this is a picture of Thassa in Nyx, the godly realm. Notice she is holding the same staff as in the picture above.

          • That One Guy…

            It is clearly not the same staff. Why are you so stupid? Anyways, Thassa does not even look like that and is blue anyways why would she be in the freaking sky? Nyx was also really in Greek mythology: “(Nyx) Is the Greek goddess (or personification) of the night. A shadowy figure, Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation, and was the mother of other personified gods such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thánatos
            (Death). Her appearances in mythology are sparse, but reveal her as a
            figure of exceptional power and beauty. She is found in the shadows of
            the world and only ever seen in glimpses.” This “Nyx, Goddess of the Night Sky” business has also been confirmed by WIzards and other sites.

    • Guest

      Yeah right! It’s like this is a made up fantasy game and not a historical text book right??

  • Felix

    I really could not care less about anything but the fact that there will be no ramp in standard, so seeing as its greek gods, is it ligit to sacrefice a goat and pray to Demeter for some?

    • Mike Thomas

      They could reprint Springjack Pasture. ALL THE GOATS.

    • Kevan Kramer

      This will be ramp in standard and we do have trading post, which makes goats, if we need it.

  • elvishBro

    The return of chroma? I would like to see tribal but not associated with races but within factions such as ” Tribal Instant- Spartan” for example but not like the guilds.

  • Lyrrrrrrrrgoyph

    When all of the sudden the Eldrazi strike!

  • Crapped Archer


    • StrdFnd

      What’s wrong with the way she’s holding the bow?

      • Brandon Sauer

        Absolutely nothing. Her finger pointing out I guess? I don’t, but I have friends that practice Kyuudo and her stance is basically perfect.

        • Kevan Kramer

          Maybe archer should learn how to spell right.

        • StndFnd

          Unless he was on about her being left handed, and thus holding the bow “wrong” from a right-handed perspective. Either way the monumental ignorance of that post is highly amusing.

  • CalasTyphon

    Kratos from our mythology (im greek) has nothing to do with the video game hero. Kratos and Via , which means violence , were two monsters that acted as bodyguards of the Fire. They were assigned by Zeus himself to protect the fire from thieves. However , as most of you know , Prometheus managed to steal it and pass it to humans. Kratos and Via appear in the story of Prometheus. The Chuck Norris x10 , ulta-rage dude that you all know as Kratos has nothing to do with Greek mythology , i guess they just liked the sound of the name.

    • Bruxonn

      Actually, Kratos was one of the ancestors of the greek gods. He was one of the sons of Gaia and Oranos, and was the titan of strength. His brother was Kronos, not to be confused with Chronos, god of time. When Zeus killed Kronos (his father) the titans were banished to Tartarus, and there they lingered for the rest of eternity. He might have manifested occasionally, but of this i don’t know that much.

      • Sindre Fredheim

        Kronos and chronos is the same person, Kronos was the father of the greek gods and the titan of time(not god, titan), in ancient greek his name was written with Kappa, which is either K or C but not Ch.

  • Vas

    I hope they do KARKINOSthe crab! It was the Crab that became the constellation Cancer after Hercules beat it up! It could be a super awesome crab god lol. The best crab card ever made!

    • Joshua Knox

      Too Roman

      • Soundwave2

        But that story is a greek myth…

  • Brandon Sauer

    Why haven’t they retracted the Nyx mistake yet? Its been a week or something. I know its not world-wide news, but it is posting misinformation as fact and making people confused.

    EDIT: Severely hope we see some stronger Merfolk (Triton) presence in Theros; Return to Ravnica got my hopes up with Zegana and I was completely saddened by the lack of one of my favourite tribes.

  • dragonslayre

    I will never play with another magic set for the rest of my days once this comes out!
    The release of this will be the single greatest day of my life so far!

  • ovanarious

    as much fun as it is to see everyone argue about one lets all agree that this set looks amazing!

  • Brittany Marie Garcia

    I am a Classical Studies Major and have studied ancient Greek for fours years along with mythology and this whole thread made me laugh along with the Office reference. Thank you for saving my day.

    • Brandon Sauer

      The problem is that Theros is not Greek myth; its based on it. Studying real-world anything doesn’t really apply. Nyx is the (or one of really) goddess of night in Greek mythology. Nyx in Theros however, is not.

      Why they haven’t fixed it is beyond me. If they had, they could have stopped all the garbage arguments that have started before they happened.

  • SyLoki

    Lol Game of Thrones Gorgon!

  • wpken

    This page is unnecessarily huge. The pictures are really large, and everything is just poorly stacked in such a weird way. I mean, I like the content, but it’s all just crammed in one long post… with all of the important stuff that you can’t misinform about ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE. I really am not in a place to judge, but please: Clean up this page.

  • Falconfly

    So people just revealed that the Red God isn’t “Nyx” – which was a tumblr misunderstanding anyways -, and you people don’t fix it. What a shitty site.

    • Brandon Sauer

      We’ve been revealing it for a while now too. They’ve made updates since and never corrected the mistake. (>_<)

      • Quinn Carrico

        This is the first time I’ve seen such a huge error on this site go uncorrected. Do the admins never monitor this page?

        • Brandon Sauer

          I guess not; nor do they seem to check messages. I’ve had a few of my comments never go through because of moderation. (Linked videos to the Comic Con panel, for example)

    • Xero

      What’re you gonna do, cut yourself? God, such whiny children. People make mistakes, learn to live with them.

  • Richard M. Hagen


  • Brandon Sauer

    Purphoros has been confirmed as the Red God. And once again, Nyx is confirmed to be the Night Sky, not a God.

    • Bennyboy

      Lol that has really been getting to you hasn’t it? I can understand why though..

      • Brandon Sauer

        It did, thankfully they changed it… after 2 weeks.
        This is a “spoiler” website, not a “type whatever I want” website; meaning information needs to be correct, or labeled as speculation.
        Its just slightly ridiculous it took them this long, especially when this is the first time they’ve made such an error. Their spoilers for the core sets and Innistrad were perfectly fine.

  • AJM

    I hope they bring back quest cards. I love Quest Cards. Quest Cards Good…. yeah… Quest Cards…

  • Falconfly

    [Disregard, mistake here]

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    Found this

    • yodasodabob

      yea, no. i don’t think it’s real

      • Brandon Sauer

        It is; it was officially spoiled on MTGSalvation.

      • Bennyboy

        It is real, seeing as it has been spoiled on some of the BETTER sites like Brandon mentioned and mythic spoiler

      • MtgMind-Welder98

        Well it seems pretty well balanced and not that powerful since you would need to control 5 or more blue permanents(not including lands) Plus the other gods would probably be the same way with costs and similar abilities.

  • OrangeCatTurd

    liking Theros so far, hoping standard might start last longer than 4 or 5 turns, so far, running control seems to be the only way to make games interesting :P Innistrad Dying will probably change that :D

    • Bennyboy


  • Bennyboy

    Loving this set so far….

  • Bennyboy

    “random hurr durr Kratos comment”

  • ICARUS888

    Ahhhhh WHat ,euh , what ???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!?????????!????!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!! Thoughtseize ??????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!?????????!????!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

  • Mega

    This is EVERYTHING that the wiki has to say about Kratos being in “real” mythology (outside of the game and other pop culture.) “In Greek mythology, Kratos’ or Cratus’ (Ancient Greek: Κράτος, English translation: “power”) is the son of Pallas and Styx and the personification of strength and power. Kratos and his siblings—Nike (“victory”), Bia (“force”), and Zelus (“zeal”)—are the winged enforcers (sky tides) of the Olympian God Zeus. He makes an appearance in Aeschylus’s Prometheus Bound, in which he is one of the trio that binds the titular Titan, the other two being Hephaestus and Bia.”

    Aeschylus is a playwright. Wikipedia calls him “The father of tragedy”. Saying a character he created is really in mythology is like saying Romeo and Juliet were real people, or that The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells is a thorough account of a real thing that happened way back when.

    TLDR: Kratos is made up for plays and games. No real mythology. If there is any, link it fgt.

  • John Singleton

    screw krotos…umm thoughtseize in standard anyone?!?!?!?

  • Matt Stone

    Lost of people either don’t understand or get angry at the difference between inspiration and imitation. This set is inspired by the greco-roman era, it’s not trying to chronicle real history. Just relax and enjoy the show.

    • Jeremy Ravenbryt

      Thank you

  • TheJoe

    I just noticed. Lol. Theros. The heros.

    • Ludicolo

      Actually it’s because “theos” is a synonym for god.
      It’s a portmanteau of “theos” and “heroes”.

  • Josh Kaufman

    Why are people excited about these cards for EDH? EDH isn’t even a real format. What I care about is that this set looks like garbage for Standard and brings little to other formats… except those weird smelly kids playing EDH, with their foiled out double sleeved decks and using them to have fun unless someone with a real deck comes along and everyone else gets angry. Oh no Azami! RUN!!!

    This set is bad. It’s worse than Kamigawa 2.0. And I cannot wait for the creature/enchantment that is insanely broken and Wizards forgot to test just like Delver.

    • Mike Thomas

      Ok, cool. I respect your opinion. I may not agree, but you are entitled to your opinion, and I won’t take that away by saying that your wrong.

    • richardshort2001

      Translation: I suck at Magic and cannot think of how to use these cards until someone puts up netdecks for me to copy.

      • Mason

        its even funnier cause it is probably true

    • Matt Stone

      I’m not quite as diplomatic as Mike Thomas.

      I don’t respect what you say, you’re wrong, and by implication, you play a game only for results, and to that end I hope you choke and burn.

    • SoruRoku

      I can’t wait to see you proven wrong. You know how Many of the broken Innistrad cards were spoiled early? None, thats how many. Geist of st. Traft was week 3. The other cards people build around came later. Same goes for every other set. Also, the plan for Theros was to knock down the power level of the already abusable format known as standard. There’s been powercreep issues since Zendikar, and nothing has been done until now. I for one also think that as someone who plays Modern, Standard, EDH, and limited, I feel you don’t understand the value EDH has on the game. It created a game that doesn’t revolve around winning fas. And winning hard. It created an opportunity to have fun with a unique way of playing the game. Obviously your one -track mind couldn’t possibly fathom the concept of fun in MtG, but don’t ruin it for others.

      • Dan Vongsa

        *bows down*
        I need to play MTG with you. ._.

      • Mason

        you rock

      • MtgMind-Welder98

        Well said.

    • Shadow921

      EDH is a real format supported by wizards! In every set since they came out with after and even before the original 5 Commander decks were released. And go to Daily MTG every thiursday they have an entire articl devoted to it!

    • Bennyboy

      This is a perfect example of what happens when you give a keyboard to a 4 year old little girl who can’t play MTG in any format except when under the supervision of her heavily religious mother…… People, take note….

    • Wade johns

      Troll to the max^. no one gives two shits what you think, cause obviously your wrong.

  • Timmy

    goodbye mill decks?

  • Loiden Mc Leroy

    Where are all the non-gorgon cards?

    • weeping angel

      all cards that isnt a gorgon is non-gorgon.

      • Loiden Mc Leroy

        wizards said that there would be cards that said non-gorgon in the text. Currently there is 1. Learn what I’m talking about.

  • Dan Vongsa

    With all the special abilities of Bestow, Heroic, Monstrosity, and Devotion, it almost seems that not a single creature can live without some buffering of attributes during battle. Dynamics everywhere…

    • Antares

      I checked, and found ZERO creatures so far that are vanilla. I don’t know if there are that few, or they are being saved for later in the spoilers. Honestly, what I am waiting for right now is removal for my G/W aggro deck for rotation. :p

  • 99/249 reveled. . .what madness is coming. . .

  • Alex Egertsen

    after seeing these spoilers it seems to me that thassa and erebos make a great combo

  • Brian

    Im happy to see duel lands that are better than guildgates. Now seeing as though they entered tapped, it means that this format will be lands are weakened but creatures are more utilized. This will be a more slow format but thats also the reason why the gods are cheap to cast

    • mrmustard

      nice grammar

      • mrmustard

        no but seriously… “more slow”?

        • Grandjammer

          So sayeth the guy not using grammar, or punctuation.

        • MtgMind-Welder98

          Grammer Nazi

  • Dan Vongsa

    Call me ignorant, but I just realized that Bestow is literally like Bloodrush except BR is only a one-time use, as compared to the changeability here in Theros. I like this.

    • David Herrera

      …They’re nothing alike except that they buff creatures. That’s like saying enchantments are literally almost like artifacts. Yeah, they do stuff. But they’re completely different in nature, use, and interactivity.

      • Mason

        but it is also like it in the fact that it gives the abilities of the creature in your hand to the creature on the field, you can only do it from your hand, if you choose to you can play it using the ability or play it as a creature, and it allows you to take one creature and make it stronger so kinda is a lot like bloodrush if you think about it but better cause not only is it permenent but if the creature dies they become creatures.
        (jest saying)

    • richardshort2001

      also Bloodrush is an ability and when you use Bestow you are still casting it as a spell. That’s pretty dangerous. If someone counters your (now more expensive) enchantment, you won’t even get the creature. No sir, I don’t like it.

      • Dan Vongsa

        Indeed. Might as well stuff your deck with Nature’s Spiral and other cards alike if you really really need that enchantment back.

        • richardshort2001

          Maybe if Bestow could be used at instant speed it would be worth it, as is, bleh.

          • Mason

            but you can counter them as a creature or an enchantment but after there played it is much harder to jest decided to kill a beefed up creature if you know when it falls there will immediately be others taking its place

          • Jeremy Ravenbryt

            So would that mean Naturalize can kill said creatures?

          • Jaxen

            They’re enchantment after all.

          • richardshort2001

            we’ll see if it’s good, but the point was comparing Bestow to Bloodrush. I’d definitely rather have instant speed, uncounterable one-time pump than a permanent pump that allows a clever opponent to two for one you with a counterspell or instant removal.

            Edit: That’s also very expensive.

      • Jt Gears Maupin

        Well, most control now days just runs a lot of removal. Bestow is another way around board sweepers, which is needed honestly.

        • richardshort2001

          True enough, but still seems too expensive for so much risk. Where Bestow costs 4 or less or can be cast at instant speed, it could be worth it, otherwise, instant creature removal or counters (Annul is especially scary) will have a field day with you.

          • Jt Gears Maupin

            Right. Yea, I definitely dont see bestow being something in standard atm. Maybe in later the later sets? I was just playing devils advocate lol. And really I dont think any of the bestow creatures so far actually do anything.

    • Kimchiguy

      I feel like it’s almost reverse Totem Armor. Instead of losing the enchantment when the creature is killed, you get a replacement effect for it instead in the form of another creature.

      • Bento

        I was actually just discussing that yesterday! and yes, it really does seem like that.

    • Jyggalag

      Most bestow cards don’t have flash. Plus bloodrush is still different in other very obvious ways

  • TomVanner

    this one’s probably gonna have a lot of good milling decks

    • Chris

      yea itll be a good commander set aswell

      • MtgMind-Welder98


    • Seb

      Mill has never been a deck. So many way to kill more normal and more fun. . . :/

      • TehBadaxe

        I think scrying to rush to breaking, memory adept, ashiok, or mind grind makes mill viable… Have rest in peace to stop grave shenanigans/keep cards like voice or cerberus down (can’t shuffle in worldspine if they’re playing that?), have all the verdict, crypt ghast with sphinx’s rev, debt to the deathless, or mind grind, Esper can do all the mill that wins. Or at least it can be really fun. Haha

      • richardshort2001

        Mill was most certainly a deck in the early days and the mill cards weren’t near as good. Of course, control was much stronger then.

  • Satan

    black red deck featuring underworld cerberus and tymaret…

    • magiclordrob

      I bought a hole box of Theros cards and I got nearly nothing to play with ! Unlucky ? I don’t think so ! Most of the commons and most of the uncommons are 100 % trash (in all formats and even for theme or fun decks which I have plenty). Only rares and mythics are playable in this set. (Even the 2 Theros intro packs I bought are very weak this time.) I really have the feeling to have thrown my money out of the window with Theros. I have the feeling that this set has only been designed to force standard tournament player to buy more than usual in order to get their playsets. Remember, most MTGplayer stop playing because they can’t get their playsets or afford to buy single cards. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED !

  • Dat guy

    so where’s zeus?

    • Mason

      its heliod i believe

      • weeping angel

        well it would make sense, a spear that can strike anywhere just like Zeus` lightning spear.

        • Shadow921

          thanks now i cant blink (stupid weeping angels……)

          • weeping angel

            be happy i dont have a picture of me here.

          • Shadow921

            but you have selfies all over the internet

      • GramMAR Freak

        I figured Keranos would be the Theros’ Zeus, seeing as he’s the flavor for Lightning Strike.

        • Mason

          I believe Dat guy was referring to the god how is king and they have said heliod is the king of the gods

          • GramMAR Freak

            Dat’s fair actually. I hadn’t thought that way about it, but still I can’t bring myself to accept that Heliod is the king of Theros’ gods.

      • Reaper

        heliod is god of sun not god of gods and thunder. zeus will most likely come out in the later sets and will most likely be red white

        • Mason

          zeus is not the god of the gods he is there king cause he is the strongest and heliod is the strongest of the theros gods as stated in the trailer for theros.

          • GramMAR Freak

            Zeus wasn’t king because he was the strongest – in brute strength, Heracles was actually the strongest – Zeus became king after drawing lots with Hades and Poseidon. Regardless, Theros is only based on Greek mythology; it’s not going to follow it to the letter, so it’s easily possible that Heliod is not the king of the Theros gods, and I highly doubt he’s the most powerful, as, already, his card is relatively underpowered by comparison to the other gods of this set.

          • Antares

            Zeus was king of Earth, which included Olympus. Poseidon was King of the Sea, Hades was king of the Underworld.

            Heliod is, according to the trailer for Theros, first among the gods. Granted, that’s according to him, so he MAY have some delusions of grandeur.

            PS. Combining Heliod with his Spear makes him MUCH better (can give you 3/2 Vigilant Flash clerics, and may have him become a 6/7 Vigilant Indestructible.

          • GramMAR Freak

            Zeus was the king of the gods according to a vast majority if not all Greek myths. Poseidon ruled the realm of the sea, and Hades did rule the realm of the underworld, but Zeus was the king of the gods, heaven, and Earth. I wasn’t contesting that he was the king of the gods, I was contesting that he was the most powerful because he wasn’t. For one thing, he was terrified of Nyx. My main point was that the only reason Zeus was the king of the gods, heaven, and Earth, was because he essentially pulled the longest straw. It had nothing to do with his power.

            Being first of the gods doesn’t make him the king either; I don’t know if Heliod is supposed to be king of the Theros gods, and I haven’t said he isn’t, I’ve only said that I hope he isn’t because I feel he’s not as powerful as the other gods that are in this set.

            Sure, pair him with his weapon and he’s relatively powerful. I’m not contesting that he’s a good card, he is, but by comparison to the other gods, I feel he’s the worst. Pair Nylea with her weapon and you have an army of trample and death touch; pair Purphoros with his weapon and you can burn for 2 damage a round on top of getting a 3/3 creature, and every creature you play has haste – for RDW that’s pretty powerful; Pair Thassa with her weapon and you can force everything to attack you, probably block everything if not control no damage out of it, scry every turn, make your stuff unblockable, and draw cards for every creature you have because your opponent has no blockers after they all attack you; pair Erebos with his whip and you could potentially draw infinite cards – for black draw power is really important, and that could easily win you the game.

            I feel like the other gods paired with their weapons basically win you the game right there, except maybe Purphoros, but he’s a much quicker win condition than Heliod is. Heliod will see play, and he’ll be good in white weenie and any token deck, but I don’t feel like he really wins the game as easily as the others do.

            Again, I’m not contesting he’s useful, and I’m not contesting that he’ll see play – I’m contesting whether he should be king of the gods based on his card. It’s easily possible that in flavor and in the story he’s much more powerful than his card is, but based on the card he’s not as spectacular as the others.

          • YouGotFranked

            Heliod doesn’t give himself Vigilance.

  • GloriousCookie

    Is it me or does Theros have an enormous amount of rares en mythics (i’m counting 47 rares and 15 mythics at this point)

    • ProfessorTallguy

      Innistrad had 16 Mythic Rare, 59 Rare, 67 Uncommon, 107 Common.
      Return to Ravnica had 15 Mythic Rare, 53 Rare, 79 Uncommon, 102 Common
      Mythics and rares are usually spoiled first.
      That makes the set feel powerful and exciting. Commons are usually spoiled the week before.

      • GloriousCookie

        Thank you, i didn’t know that!

    • MagicSpoiler

      Theros will have 101 Commons, 80 Uncommons, 53 Rares, 15 Mythic rares.

    • Quinn Carrico

      Mark Rosewater stated that while this set won’t be quite on the level of Kamigawa, it will have a large number of legendary creatures.

      • Shadow921

        what does that have to do with anything he said

        • Quinn Carrico

          Well hmm, looking at Legendary cards what rarity level do they tend to be? Maybe rare and mythic, which is exactly what he was asking about.

          • Shadow921

            i was wondering just because that was a quick transition with no explanation and you said noting about rarity so the 1% was able to deduce what you meant right away without you needing to explain yourself

  • Orion Moore

    only 3 rares left to spoil… dun dun dun

    • Orion Moore

      4 if thoughtseize doesn’t count as one of the 53 rare’s in this “large expansion (249 all-new cards!)” because Lorwyn is still a set I believes, LOL

  • MtgMind-Welder98

    They just revealed the entire set on mythicspoiler(dot)com

  • Helstyr

    Where are the good Minotaurs?… only one Rare-Lord and the rest of them sucks…
    I’m badly disappointed…

    • Yargo Melo

      LOL dude, Fanatic of Mogis is standart playable, it will be RDW 4 cmc DROP for sure, Turn 1 Cackler Turn 2 Ash Zealot hit for 4 Turn 3 Chandra’s Phoenix, hit for 6 Turn 4 Fanatic of Mogis dealing 6 when comming into play and hit for 6 again GG PROFIT

      • Helstyr

        …. you know what a tribal-deck is, yes?
        I hoped I could build a nice Minotaur-Deck for my casual-round..

        • Yargo Melo

          “Where are the good Minotaurs?”, didn’t mention a tribal deck

          • sensableathiesm

            You have an unpleasant attitude. I bet you think you’re really really good too.

          • Yargo Melo

            I’m actually not good. I just tried to explain my point of view in the shortest way possible, becouse English is not my main language, I’m not being rude, and sorry if you got it this way.

          • derf

            I dont think he was talking to you, notice the indentation on his comment, it was a reply to the comment you were replying to

          • derf

            oops, nvm indentation on goes to 3

  • Tobias Scheu

    hmmm there are a lot of needless creature cards ….no good minotaurs…and i hope there comes in the next edition some legendary minotaurs, centaurs and finally kiora atua as card……sorry ravnica was better–:(

    • Jared LeMaire

      You have the minotaur that buffs other minotaurs…and let’s not forget Boros reckoner is a minotaur

      • FuzzyKittyBark

        lets also not forget Boros Reckoner is $10+ -.- it’s a good card, but not worth $10 when there are cheaper ways to win

        • risu

          you are complaining about a ten dollar card? if you play competitively you get what you need and pilot your deck to prize money to reimburse and reward you, and a ten dollar card is better than some cards

          • FuzzyKittyBark

            you probably won’t be reimbursed for minotaur tribal though, so the $40 you’d spend on a playset is pretty wasted unfortunately .-.

          • Shadow921

            whos to say that they dont alteady have 4 reconers

  • tuccimane

    No utility lands ? :/

  • Jimmy

    I have to say I was really looking forward to Theros but so far am dissapointed.

    I was hoping they would play up the enchantment theme since that hasn’t been done before like Mirrodin played up artifacts. There are enchantment creatures and enchantment artifacts but asides from being more than one type there doesn’t seem to be any real advantage to them being enchantment creatures as opposed to creatures so what’s the point? It only makes them easier targets. I was hoping for something like metalcraft but for enchantments so it encourages you to play enchantments then there would be a reason to play enchantment creatures, enchantment artifacts as a type.

    Along the enchantment theme I was hoping to they would use more mechanics like Kor Spirit Dancer instead of Heroic. e.g., if the creature is enchanted (perhaps by an aura you control) it becomes heroic and because you can only use auras they make the heroic ability more than it is right now. That would really make a nice change to gameplay if they included lots of buff auras then as people will be buffing their creatures a lot more with auras which can traditionally be risky plays.

    Bestow I like, they did similar thing with Griffin Guide but I think it’s possibly a bit too expensive. Though you can still play it as a creature so that is a definite advantage over griffin guide. So I like bestow overall.

    Monstrous is good. It fits the theme and is similar to Level Up or perhaps Kicker in a sense.

    Second Heroic though interesting seems to be a poorly designed mechanic. Probably awesome if you play green since most of their stuff buffs their creatures, if you play other colours you have to hurt your creature mostly to make it heroic. Green seems to be BS too since it has the only real way to deal with gods with the ability to exile gods at common.

    Last but not least I think the gods and Devotion are way too BS. I know gods are supposed to be BS and I have no problem with that per se. What I have a problem with is it is SO easy to turn them into creatures. 5 mana symbols? That includes themselves, that’s so easy and compared to Monstrous and Bestow costs. If you’re playing sealed and you’re lucky enough to draw a god then it’s easy to build a deck around, just pick as many colour symbols that go with, not really challenging strategically. On the other hand If your best rare happens to be a monstrous or bestow then it’s so unfair. One person gets to cast Helliod and perhaps turn him into a creature on turn 4, the other doesn’t get their likely weaker monstrous or bestow to go off until turn 7 etc…Likely by then you’ve already lost the game

    • Stinky Steve

      I really think you’re jumping to conclusions. This is the first set of the block and sets the stage for the other two. Keep in mind this block follows on the heels of Return to ravnica block which appears to be the antithesis of this set and vice versa. Why is it super easy to get the mono colored super BA stuff out? Because the previous block focused on Multi-color dominance. Regardless of whether a god is stupid broken and out early in a mono colored deck, it is still able to fall victim to “awe for the guilds” for example. Wizards are not dummies. They are setting up for a highly competitive period of standard play. Look over the recent ravnica block and the current core set and this will become apparent. Everyone is going to have to weigh alot of factors against one another when deck building.

      As the rest of the set comes out we may see something that hasn’t been in standard play for a very long time; balance.

      Not to mention Legacy players get ALOT of stuff for tribal decks (Can we say soldiers for the win?) and a handful of new useful “tool box” cards.

      Lets not poo poo this one before we have the cards in hand.

      BTW Kamigawa block had ALOT of super cool stuff that still pops up in Legacy play and before anyone questions my familiarity with the game, I’ve been playing since Revised, so I have good historical perspective on all this…..and yes I crapped on the Kamigawa block at first, but after a few weeks of using the cards in type 1 format I changed my mind. :)

      • Shadow921

        dont forget about EDH all the gods and their weapons can and probably will have decks built around them and not to mention nykthos or the creature that taps for devotion

  • colo

    no green black or blue white scry lands =(

    • risu

      yet, you’ll get them in a few months

  • Leo

    There’s only a few cards that I thought were cool. I just hope that this is not kamigawa all over again.

  • wtsutton

    Wow…not much love for anything mill-related other than Ashiok. I have three home brews that I love playing in Standard and saw very little in this set that would fit. Guess I’m saving my cash for now. Get my Ashioks and I’ll be happy.

  • Bento

    Aside from repeated complaints, I’m a little curios and surprised that Wizards didn’t decide to reprint a card like Fracturing Gust in this set (unless they decide to in one of the other two).
    That card would just piss anyone off if one didn’t have the counter for it.

    • CJ May

      I got that card. I love it.

  • Matthew Kolasinski

    Where’s Leda? We need a god with something like: “Pay 1- gain control of target creature with a CMC equal to your devotion to (color). Put two god token creatures, each with power and toughness equal to 1/2 the power of that creature rounded up, onto the battlefield under your control. The tokens have indestructible and haste. At the end of each of your turns, sacrifice one of the three permanents. As long as you still control one of these permanents (god) is also a bird creature and gains flying”
    i mean, c’mon, we’re talking GODS here. This is a very fun expansion but Wizards could get a lot wilder with the mythology theme than they have. :-)